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All Webstore Logo Merchandise on sale, up to 90% off some items!
Apr. 18, 2017 09:09:34 PDT:

All Webstore Logo Merchandise is on sale now (while supplies last.). Up to 90% off selected items!

Not your typical cheap company logo merchandise, Webstore logo items are top quality and long lasting.

Place your order today, while supplies last.

Sports Bottles, Insulated Mugs, T-shirts, Hoodies

Seller Opportunity: Free promotion of your items!
Mar. 21, 2017 08:32:27 PDT:

Facebook LogoWe will be launching a promotion soon on Facebook where we will try to reach as many people as possible using our recent "Spring Cleaning" post.

Before we boost this post, we would like to offer our sellers the opportunity to leave a comment on the post promoting their store.

Something as simple as:

Come visit my store

could end up getting you some additional sales!

Please visit the post using the link below and be sure to like, comment, and share.

Like Comment Share our post

Spring Cleaning Facebook Promotion

Don't forget to SHARE the post once you've liked and commented. Sharing is what increases how many people see it!

The more likes, shares, and comments we get on this post, the more people will see it, and bring some free advertising to your items!

Let's see how many people we can reach!

Promote your site for only $5 (summer advertising special)
Jun. 25, 2016 12:12:29 PDT:

For only $5 you can run an ad in any US city for a full month with no limits on views or clicks.

Take advantage of this great summer sale for a limited time only.

Your ad will show:

  • In the members area for all Webstore members who live in your targeted cities
  • In the Webstore local listings area for everyone browsing your targeted cities

You ad/promotion may include:

  • Your personal / company website, Webstore items, Facebook page, Blog, etc.
  • Direct link, Telephone Number, Address, (any or all)


  • We will announce your city sponsorship on our Facebook page (7.5k followers)

Click Here to order your ad today, or order directly from any Webstore Local Listings page.

For more information click here.

Sponsor a city for only $30 for a full month!
Jan. 07, 2016 13:05:59 PST:

Exclusive advertising opportunity!

Introductory price: $30 for a full month.

Sponsor a city in the Webstore Local Listings area.

  • Your ad will appear at the top of every page in your sponsored city.
    Our regular top ad will not be shown on a sponsored page.

  • Only one sponsor per city.
    You won't be in rotation with any other sponsors, your ad will show all month long.

  • Put your name in front of thousands of people.
    Everyone browsing or searching items in your sposored city will see your ad.

To see a sample ad, and place your order, visit the Webstore Local Listings area today.
Sponsor positions begin showing on February 1, 2016. Hurry, only one sponsor per city!
For more information please Contact Us.

Webstore goes mobile
Oct. 28, 2015 12:34:22 PDT:

Webstore Mobile Website is live!

Webstore is proud to announce the launch of our new website, designed specifically from the ground up for mobile browsers.

Shoppers visiting Webstore will now be able to search and browse items in a format friendly to phones or portable devices.

Bid, Buy, Offer, and Guest Checkout have all been redesigned for mobile also, so it’s easier than ever to shop Webstore on the go.
We hope this comes as good news to your buyers, and we wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season.

Be Our Guest: Guest Checkout now Available!
Mar. 12, 2014 10:55:32 PDT:

Guest Checkout now available!

Anyone can now purchase items on

All sellers have this new feature enabled in their accounts.

Sellers: Guest purchases are Pre-Paid on (no non-paying buyers).

Guest Checkout Eligibility:

For items to be eligible for Guest checkout they must:

  • Offer Fixed Buy Now Price
  • Have posted shipping costs
  • Offer an online payment method (such as PayPal)

Sellers may disable guest checkout for their accounts in their settings.

New: Local Pickup Option
Oct. 10, 2013 16:46:10 PDT:

Sellers can now give buyers the option of picking up items locally. If you're a seller and you don't mind conducting your business in person, you may select the "Allow Local Pickup" checkbox and potential buyers will know they can meet you to conduct the transaction in person. Buyers and Sellers can use the Webstore Message Board after a sale to coordinate a meet.

The "Allow Local Pickup" checkbox can be found just beneath the existing "International Shipping" option in both the Easypost and long listing forms.

As an added bonus for those sellers who already have many items listed but would like to offer the Local Pickup option, we have added a new section to the Bulk Updates page which can be used to update all active listings at once to enable the Local Pickup option. This feature can be found in [ Members Area > Selling > Bulk Updates ].

Furthermore, we have added a new default in selling preferences so sellers can enable Local Pickup by default in all future listings. You can find your selling defaults in [ Members Area > My Account > Selling Prefs ].

As always, if you have any questions on Webstore features, please contact our helpful support staff using the "Contact Us" link at the top of every Webstore page.

Promote your items on Twitter!
Sep. 09, 2013 16:32:36 PDT:

We have updated our Twitter integration and added new features to help you promote your items on Twitter.

If you haven't tried Twitter yet what are you waiting for?

It takes only a few minutes to create a Twitter account and link it to your Webstore account so that your items are automatically promoted on Twitter for free!

See the Promotional Tools section in your Members Area for more information about Webstore/Twitter integration.

Once Twitter is linked to your Webstore account:

  • Your new listings will be Tweeted automatically
  • NEW: Re-Tweet your listings from the Open Items section in your Members Area with a single click.

Quick Links:

Announcing the Webstore API
Sep. 04, 2013 12:20:18 PDT:

We are very excited to announce the release of the Webstore API to the developer community.
We have been impressed with the applications developers have managed to build by data-scraping our web site, so we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with a supported API!

The Webstore API utilizes a combination of XML and Javascript/JSON calls and responses. Developers may register to use our API for free by contacting Webstore customer support.

Applications can use the API to easily integrate basic Webstore services such as site searches, conduct transactions, and even seller functions.

The API uses standard OAuth authentication to allow applications to safely access the Webstore service on a member's behalf without requesting his user name or password. A simpler subset of OAuth can be used to access REST API resources that do not require member authorization, such as site searches.

To get started with the API, sign up for a developer account by contacting the Webstore support team and obtain an application key and secret. Please also take a moment to browse our API documentation.
Given this is a new API, we’re eager to get your feedback, help you with any issues you may encounter, and hear your ideas for new features.

Thank you in advance for helping to creating a whole new way of integrating Webstore into websites, and exciting new tools for the Webstore community.

Happy Coding!

WARP Special- July 2013, Earn $1 per qualified buyer!
Jul. 01, 2013 12:49:13 PDT:

In order to kick off our new Webstore Affiliates Reward Program (WARP) we are going to pay $1 per qualified buyer to all WARP participants for the month of July. Contact Webstore support to sign up for WARP.

For more information see: Webstore Affiliate Rewards Program Details

Please contact our Webstore support staff with any questions and to register for WARP.

Earn cash for every buyer you bring to Webstore!
Jun. 05, 2013 14:35:13 PDT:

Get paid to bring buyers to Webstore!

Now there's another way to make money on Webstore. We are proud to announce the new Webstore Affiliate Rewards Program (WARP). Through this program we will pay for every new buyer you bring to Webstore.

Webstore sellers will benefit two-fold as they increase their own sales through their individualized promotion, PLUS, earn additional money for every new buyer they bring to Webstore. Others can simply earn additional income by promoting Webstore and bringing new qualified buyers to our marketplace.

For more information see: Webstore Affiliate Rewards Program Details

Please contact our Webstore support staff with any questions and to register for WARP.

Webstore now has over 100,000 active members!
May. 01, 2013 14:23:30 PDT:

Webstore now has over 100,000 active members!

Let's add another zero to that. "Word of mouth" is very powerful, and now, with over 100,000 active Webstore members, we have the potential (and a great opportunity) to reach a huge audience simply by spreading the word about Webstore to friends, co-workers, family. If every Webstore member was able to sign up 10 people, our membership would reach 1 million in a very short amount of time. That would mean 10x current sales for sellers, and millions of additional items to choose from for buyers. Not to mention the continued growth that would be generated once new members get to talking.

As a company, we're doing everything we can to increase our user base, but it can't compare to what YOU can do as our members and supporters. Help spread the word with Youtube videos, Facebook/Twitter posts, Blogs, online Forums / Groups, and even offline by mentioning Webstore to people you know. Let everyone know to check Webstore first when looking to purchase online.

Send a note to customer support to let us know what you've done to help spread the word.
Include pictures, videos, and/or links to your public post and receive a free gift.

New Features: Postage Quick Edit + New Brand & UPC attributes
Mar. 15, 2013 14:39:56 PDT:

New Features:

  • New item attributes Brand, MPN, and UPC/ISBN

    Sellers may now specify the Brand, Manufacturer's Product Number (MPN), and UPC/ISBN of items in their listings.

    These new attributes will soon be used in new Webstore features/programs which will be unveiled this summer. Sellers are encouraged to add these new attributes to all their new (and existing) listings as soon as possible to be ready for the new features to come. Adding the new attributes to existing listings is easy with our new quick edit options described below.

    All new attributes will be "searchable".

  • More Quick Edit options have been added to seller's open items view.

    Sellers may now edit the Postage amount as well as the new attributes Brand, MPN, and UPC/ISBN directly in the open items view in the members area.

New Seller Features
Jul. 23, 2012 13:55:19 PDT:
Some recently added features of specific interest to Webstore sellers.
  • Quick-Edit item prices and quantities in seller open items view.
    Edit by clicking the item price/quantity and making the change right on the open items screen (no need to click away).
    ... Read More

Pinterest Buttons now available on listings
Jan. 25, 2012 14:14:42 PST:
Pinterest LogoWe have now added Pinterest buttons item pages.

Pinterest is a new social media sensation which has been making the news lately. In our ongoing efforts to provide the best promotional tools to our sellers, we have added Pinterest buttons to item pages. As Pinterest is an image based site, the new Pinterest buttons will only appear on item listings with images.

We hope that through the use of the new Pinterest button, in addition to our other social media buttons, Webstore buyers and sellers can help increase exposure and increase sales.

From the Pinterest website:
"Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests."

Coupon/Promo Codes Now Available to Sellers!
Oct. 31, 2011 23:10:09 PDT:
Webstore sellers can now offer Coupon/Promo Codes to buyers...just in time for the holidays!

By using Coupon/Promo Codes (issued individually by sellers), buyers can receive special discounts on shipping or item pricing. Buyers must utilize Self-Checkout in order to enter codes and receive associated discounts.

Coupon/Promo Codes may be added by sellers for individual items or groups of items.

The holidays are coming, so be prepared with some blockbuster deals for your customers!

Click here to see a sample Coupon/Promo Code in action and a chance to purchase our new Webstore travel mug at a special price.

More new Webstore features will be launched soon which are based on Coupon/Promo Codes, so start getting familiar with them today.

Learn all about our new Promo Codes on the following help page.

Google +1 Buttons Now Available!
Jun. 09, 2011 00:43:33 PDT:
We have now added Google +1 buttons to many of our Webstore "landing" pages. Please take a moment to +1 Webstore on our home page, and make note of the new +1 button locations throughout Webstore so that you may take advantage of this new Google service to increase the exposure of specific Webstore pages you like within the Google ecosystem.

You will find +1 Buttons on the following Webstore pages:
  • home page
    Please take a moment to +1 our homepage!
  • Item Pages
    +1 Button is located in the social media section (titled "Share:") just underneath the title bar on the right side near the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media share buttons.
  • Store Home Pages
    +1 Button is located in the left margin, next to the RSS Subscribe button, and the Twitter button.
  • Seller's Other Items Pages
    +1 Button is located in the upper right in the title portion, next to the RSS Subscribe button and the Twitter button.
NOTE: When the +1 button is dark blue, that means you have successfully performed +1 on the page; when the +1 button is white then the page is not +1.

We hope that through the use of the new Google +1 button, in addition to our other social media buttons, Webstore buyers and sellers can help increase exposure and increase sales.

More on Google +1

Webstore is Finalist in Reader's Choice Awards. Please Vote Now.
Feb. 21, 2011 10:34:41 PST:

Webstore has been chosen as a finalist in the Readers' Choice Awards on Best Place to Sell Online for Antiques/Collectibles

From the article:

Nominations are over and YOU have spoken for's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.
Here on the Collectibles site there are three categories of finalists. There were well over fifty different nominations that were whittled down to the top five in each category.
Please head on over to the link below and cast your vote today!

To get to the main voting page Click Here.

Webstore earns #2 spot in AuctionBytes 2011 Sellers Choice Awards
Jan. 23, 2011 01:17:02 PST:

Webstore earns #2 spot in AuctionBytes 2011 Sellers Choice Awards

We did it again!
For their annual survey, AuctionBytes asked sellers to rate their favorite marketplaces. This year, makes #2 on the list!

Vote for Webstore in the 2011 Seller's Choice Awards.
Jan. 12, 2011 09:39:56 PST: is on the ballot for this years
2011 Seller's Choice Awards.
(Thank you to all who voted for our nomination last year,
now it's time for the real vote.)

Please vote now! Rate Webstore highly to keep our free marketplace growing and attract more buyers than ever for 2011. Every Vote Counts!

(Even if you voted for our nomination, you need to vote again now to give us your support)

Thank you as always for your continued support!

New Feature: Shipping Calculator
Dec. 27, 2010 12:32:14 PST:
Shipping Calculator is now available!

Sellers may now select to list their items with Calculated Shipping costs rather than Fixed Price Shipping costs. Actual postage prices are displayed to buyers specific to their destination zip codes for the shipping method chosen by the seller on the item listing and throughout the checkout process.

For more information on how to add the calculated shipping option to your items, see our help page.

Webstore earns TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award and #2 spot in Top 10 Auction Sites list.
Dec. 22, 2010 16:57:09 PST:

Webstore earns TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award and #2 spot in Top 10 Auction Sites list.

We are very proud to announce that has earned the Silver Award and #2 spot on TopTenREVIEWS' "Online Auction Sites Review"!

... Read More

New Feature: Quantity on Easypost
Dec. 01, 2010 22:26:09 PST:
You can now create multiple quantity listings through our quick, single-page EasyPost listing form!

New Feature: Search Suggestions
Dec. 01, 2010 00:42:28 PST:
NEW! We have implemented search suggestions for our main search box.

When typing into our main search box, our search system will now make suggestions based on the most popular searches being performed at Webstore. We hope this new feature will help buyers find what they're looking for, and help sellers see what's hot this holiday season.

Vote for us!
Nov. 19, 2010 11:09:17 PST:
Please rate for the 2011 "Sellers Choice Awards"!

NOTE: You can rank up to 5 marketplaces with a rating from 1-5 (5 being the best).

Thank you for your support!

Help Keep Webstore Organized
Jun. 23, 2010 23:36:49 PDT:
For Members Only: On every listing details page, just below the item title, we have added a new link titled "Suggest New Category". While browsing listings, if you happen across an item which you feel is improperly categorized, you may click this link and suggest a new category for the item. After administrative review, the item will be will be recategorized (if appropriate).

You will need to be logged in to see/use this new feature.

Thank you for your support as always!

New: Pause your listings with Vacation Mode!
Apr. 14, 2010 00:04:11 PDT:
Just in time for the summer holidays!

If you are planning a trip this summer, you can now Pause your listings and Resume them at a later date with our new Vacation Mode.
... Read More

Google Base Feeds now operational!
Apr. 06, 2010 16:59:41 PDT:
We are happy to announce the availability of Webstore Google Base Feeds for sellers!

Google Product Search offers exciting new possibilities and added exposure for your items on Webstore! Best of all, sellers don't need to do anything to participate in our Google Base Feed Program.

Qualified sellers will be automatically enrolled (see below for details).

Formerly Google Products and Froogle, Google Product Search is a product comparison service by Google Inc. Products are submitted to Google Product Search in the form of electronic "feeds" through Google Base. Products submitted to Google in this form may appear in Google Web Searches, Google Product Searches, Google Maps, or any other of Google's services where they are determined to be relevant.
... Read More

More New features!
Apr. 01, 2010 22:18:55 PDT:

Many new seller features available!

We have restructured the "Sold Items" pages and added many new features:

"Paid but not shipped" and "unpaid" items views:

... Read More

New HTML Editors added for sellers
Mar. 17, 2010 13:18:54 PDT:
Several new listing editors have been added, and sellers now have the option to save a preference in their Members Area for the one they would like to use.

Introducing the new editors:
  • InnovaStudio
    • InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor provides essential HTML editing functionalities with total control of the styles.
  • TinyMCE
    • Small/Fast Loading, Full Featured WYSIWYG Editor (includes spellchecker!)

You may choose which editor you prefer in your Members Area in the My Account:Selling Prefs section.

New Invoicing Options for Sellers
Mar. 13, 2010 01:35:55 PST:
Many new invoicing features have been added for sellers including:
  • Add/Remove items from an invoice
  • Add % Discount to Items
Continue reading for more details and ideas on how these new invoicing features can be used to offer your customers special promotions, and more.

... Read More

New: Video Tutorials show how to buy and sell
Mar. 03, 2010 22:38:11 PST:
We've created a few video tutorials which cover some aspects of buying and selling on Webstore.

We'll be making more frequent announcements on our Facebook Page, so come find us on Facebook and become a fan to keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Webstore.

New Feature: Buyer Self-Checkout
Feb. 12, 2010 21:49:22 PST:

Buyers may now use Self-Checkout to combine their purchases onto a single invoice, and make one single Paypal or Google Checkout payment for multiple items purchased from a single seller.

Increase your Sales in time for Christmas!
Nov. 01, 2009 12:13:06 PST:
  • Give your items better placement on Webstore Searches!
  • Make your items stand out from the rest with Highlighting!
  • Increase Your Sales and get better prices on your auctions!
Get the most from the special holiday advertising
Webstore will be doing this season by having
your items stand out from the rest.

Here's How:

Announcing: "Webstore Local View": A New way for buyers to find items!
Sep. 10, 2009 14:42:18 PDT:
Announcing: Webstore Local View!

Many buyers enjoy the safety and convenience of dealing locally with sellers, turning to online or local classifieds rather than buying through online marketplaces.

Webstore Local View makes it easy for these shoppers to browse and find items right in their neighborhoods!

... Read More

Twitter with Webstore!
Jul. 22, 2009 13:57:19 PDT:
Webstore members can now keep their Twitter followers updated with automatic Tweets from Webstore.
... Read More

Webstore is more secure than ever!
Jul. 06, 2009 11:13:14 PDT:
In order to meet our growing demands and ensure the safety of your data both right now and into the future, Webstore has recently upgraded our server hardware and moved our operations to the ViaWest State-Of-The-Art Data Center in Denver, Colorado!

... Read More

Changes to Member Stores
Jun. 06, 2009 23:41:08 PDT:
Only categories which contain items will now appear in the category selector when browsing seller stores.
... Read More

Important changes to item listing pages
May. 23, 2009 21:50:33 PDT:
In early May we optimized the category selection process on the item listing pages.
... Read More

RSS feeds available for all sellers
Jan. 17, 2009 21:23:35 PST:
RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works-such as blog entries, news headlines, or in this case auctions- in a standardized format.
... Read More

New Image Upload Upgrades
Jan. 13, 2009 05:19:42 PST:
In January we upgraded our image upload processor. Our new image uploading system should be slightly faster and be able to better handle any image problems.

New Webstore Affiliate Program
Jan. 11, 2009 22:54:47 PST:
Earn exclusive benefits, Get more sales, Stimulate higher bids for auctions.

Click Here to find out more about our new Webstore Affiliate Program

Webstore is Growing!
Dec. 28, 2008 14:50:14 PST:
Due to popular demand, what started as just a Crafts Marketplace expanded to include all categories of merchandise in the later part of 2008. In late November of 2008 we began a marketing campaign to help expand Webstore's reach and bring more buyers.

We are happy to announce that due to these marketing efforts, in just a few short months, membership increased by 200% and our overall listings increased by 500%.
... Read More

Welcome to Webstore
Dec. 27, 2008 10:06:38 PST:
Webstore is a Free Markeplace which brings buyers and sellers together in an exciting and familiar format.

Finally the freedom to buy and sell without fees!

... Read More

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