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Sony PS-X800 turntable full calibration service

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Sony PS-X800 turntable full calibration service
Condition: Refurbished
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Professor_Bizzt (1) Verified Seller My Store
Registered since Sep 2017
in United States
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Professor Bizzt's store
Hello, I specialize in Japanese SLT turntable repair & calibration. I have
written on internet audio forums as Professor Bizzt.
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The Sony PS-X800 Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Biotracer turntable is arguably the most ambitiously engineered and sophisticated hi-end production SLT turntable ever manufactured (I would argue that it is), unfortunately it's also one of the most complicated. This makes it an extreme challenge to service.

As if this were not enough, the official Sony PS-X800 service manual has many errors in it, so this is one piece of electronic gear that only the most conscientious of technicians should work on. There's another more flamboyant way to say the same thing: Angels fear to tread these waters, but fools may wade in and screw everything up! So please, DO NOT try to repair this unique and expensive turntable yourself.

Incorrect calibration results in a myriad of disorders in the PS-X800 including (but not limited to) left or right cue controls inoperative or intermittent, up or down cue controls inoperative or intermittent, lead-in set-down point incorrect, drift of tonearm carriage on up-cue, erratic arm movement, tracking force inaccuracies, etc.

Even if your PS-X800 exhibits none of these issues, experience earned by repairing many PS-X800s tells me that your calibration is still most likely out of spec, and this will compromise its performance. The PS-X800 when properly serviced is capable of outperforming a substantial number of expensive high-end turntables, but when it's out of spec it won't.

This service is for a COMPLETE 36-point calibration and includes general inspection, internal cleaning, power supply tests, mechanical adjustments, tonearm friction testing, lubrication, belt replacement, cartridge alignment, and a final listening evaluation.
Contrary to the unsubstantiated rhetorical innuendo coming from the sleazier corners of some internet forums, I always perform ALL of these necessary time-consuming operations for my clients.
Furthermore, the abbreviated internet advice of changing the tonearm drive belts, cleaning the control switches, and lubricating various components should in no way be confused with the thorough service I'm offering here. PERIOD.

Because of my patience and care, my calibration is more precise than the factory calibration. I use professional test instrumentation and custom made alignment tools. In short, this service is of the highest quality available, and when finished, your PS-X800 will be packed carefully and returned to you safely.
Again, this turntable is extremely time-consuming and challenging to work on, even for an experienced tech. Please understand this when judging the value of my work.

The price for this service is $600.00 NOT including USPS priority mail shipping. I allow personal delivery and pickup of your turntable, but much prefer you ship instead. Detailed PDF instructions will be provided that assure proper packing for safe shipping.
Paypal or cash payment is due upon completion of work.
Other repairs are extra. You will be promptly informed in the unlikely event issues are discovered that require attention outside of this service.
My work has a 60 day warranty period. This warranty applies only to work I perform and parts I replace. Failures unrelated to work I perform and parts I have not replaced are not covered.

Please be aware that internet advice exists for DIY repair of this turntable. A person lacking the necessary skill-set and following this advice is NOT advised, as this information is often irresponsibly oversimplified, fraught with unwarranted optimism, and can result in damage to your turntable. Damaging your turntable will at best elevate the cost to repair it, and at worst render it unrepairable. Just to be clear, unrepairable means selling it cheap for parts.

Other options, including a supplemental tonearm counterweight kit, is also available. Please see my Webstore for details.

It is mandatory that you contact me for packing instructions BEFORE you pack your turntable.

Like many, I'm new to and ask for your patience while I build my feedback score here.
For now, I encourage you to check my ebay feedback (100% with a count of 582 as of 09/21/17; joined in 2003) and to research my audio electronics service work reputation online, as I want anyone that works with me to feel totally comfortable.

All of my online audio forum contributions (however I'm now taking a hiatus from all online forum contributions) were done under the Professor Bizzt user name, so that is the user name internet search term to use. My ebay and user names are Professor-Bizzt and Professor_Bizzt respectively. I also maintain a youtube account using the Professor Bizzt name.

If you search internet audio forums for references to Professor Bizzt (very often misspelled), you will find commentary on my work. However, please keep in mind that many of my clients don't post on forums, and that forums are unfortunately populated to some degree with troll and quasi-troll commentary. Using good judgment to navigate through the percentage of deception and vitriol is required to get to the real truth.

Are unclear of what this is.
Don't know how to use it responsibly.
Are not careful with your installations.
Tend to leave undeserved, inaccurate, and irrational feedback for others.
Intend to criminally scam a seller.
Do not intend to FULLY and PROMPTLY honor your purchasing commitment and payment process.

Questions that I cannot respond to include:
How does this sound?
How does it compare to XYZ?
How will it sound used with XYZ?
Do you have an opinion on XYZ?
Will you trade for XYZ?
Questions where the answer is in the listing's text.
Aggressive or derogatory comments or questions.

In short, my time is limited. What I list for sale is intended for experienced, reasonable, and honorable audio enthusiasts that know the meaning of respecting someone else's time.

This listing was painstakingly composed to be thorough and accurate. Everything I know has already been declared and includes what is stated in it, no more, and no less.
By no more, I'm also making clear that I cannot provide communication now nor in the future to anything not strictly related to the item in this listing.

If you feel your message to me was not successfully delivered, please contact me via the following email address (I'm not using the normal email syntax to avoid spam bots of course):
professor_bizzt at centurylink dot net

Condensed policy statement:
Unfortunately some people use my ads to seek advice in performing their own repairs. I do not give away my time to partake in this.
I do not offer conversation or education, as my talents and aspirations do not lie there. I only offer commitment, conscientiousness, and competence in the repair of audio electronics and the design and marketing of custom made parts.

Please keep your emails very short and strictly on topic. My ads are long to satisfy those that require every detail, but that does not mean I’m interested in, have time for, or am capable of lengthy chat. I refrain from subjective oriented or design topology discussions pertaining to my work because my electronic service rates are not structured to accommodate the significant added time and cost discussion of this nature entails. I'm only offering to perform high quality work and to market high quality custom made parts as per my ad descriptions, no more, and no less.

I strongly encourage you to make audio equipment decisions based on an understanding (or even a partial understanding) of the actual hard science, not audiophile subjective repartee. Declaring subjectivism king does a disservice to the healthy evolution of this industry. To ask another, ANY other (myself included), for a definitive subjective analysis of audio gear is to put yourself at the mercy of their psychology as well as their physiology, and that isn't going to help you.

Finally, please do not contact me if you are more impressed with getting a job done quickly than getting it done correctly. I do everything I can to repair equipment promptly, but there are times when repairs take longer than expected. Affordable pre-owned backup audio gear is commonly available, please make use of this while your audio component is repaired.

Best wishes, Professor Bizzt

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Brand:Professor Bizzt
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Shipping Terms Buyer pays for shipping expenses
Seller ships to United States address only.
Please no International buyers.
 Seller permits local pickup.
Ships From32735, Florida, United States
Postage- via USPS Priority
Insurance Fee -
Shipping & Payment DetailsShipping and insurance via USPS priority mail is extra and NOT included in the price of this service.
I do not ship complete turntables overseas, only sub-assemblies and parts.

The seller , Professor_Bizzt , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing

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