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A Quick Candle Spell Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft

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A Quick Candle Spell  Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft
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Aug. 25, 2017 08:13:01 PDT
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Metaphysical, wicca, spell casting. voodoo doll kits, candle kits, tarot card
readings.ouija board readings, Runes stone kits.
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Quick Candle Spell

Each candle comes with everything you will need to perform the ritual. Full instructions on what day to burn the candle and what to write on the candle and what to do with the left over wax. Full instructions and Information will be sent out to you by E-mail after payment has been made.

Each candle spell kit is $ 5.00. You may order as many as you would like to for only $ 5.00 each spell. Please look over the list I have below and E-mail me after ordering and let me know which candle kit you want. If your looking for a special spell that isn't on my list below then please E-mail me I'll do my best to help you.

Here is a list of candle spell kits that I offer.

1. Custom made spell kit. Only for you.

2. Attraction spell kit

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17. Attract new relationship

18. A spell to help lift hard feelings and heal emotional rifts

19. A spell to stop a trouble maker

20. A spell for protection against any evil or those who wish to do you harm

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62. To bind your anger/sadness

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66. To bind a trouble maker

67. To send back gossip

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69. Bind enemy

70. Binding someone annoying

71. bad love

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77. Banish obstacles

78. black passion lust or sex spell.

79. Custom made spell

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83. Crossing

84. Court case

85. Compelling

86. Commanding

87. Come to me

88. Cast off evil

89. Co-worker fix, boss fix, manger fix

90. Cause a divorce

91 . Curse of revenge

92. Cleansing the body of negative energies

93. Cancel negative energy

94. Cutting the cord

95. Commitment spell

96. Candle spell to loss weight

97. Controlling

98. Commanding a person

99. Contact the dead

100. Cuban love spell

101. Chant for guidance, direction and courage

102. Cast of evil

103. Cause a divorce

104. Child custody court case

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Collect thy souls of an enemy

Creat a crush

Comminticate with a an absent partner

108. Commitment spell

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110. Commanding and controlling a lover

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115. Change your eye color

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124. Charging an item

125. Casting and uncasting a simply circle

126. Curse to cause bad luck

127. Couples to conceive a daughter or boy

128. Doomed to fail

129. Destroy a enemy curse

130. Destroy someone's life

131. Destructive knot

132. Debt banishing

133. Dixie love

134. Dream of one who has passed through the veil

135. Desire and love only me

136. Depression relief spell

137. Destruction knot

138. Dealing with difficult co-workers

139. Dealing with difficult neighbors

140. Dealing with enemy

141. Destroy a enemy curse

142.Ease pain and renew hope

143. Ending a bad relationship

144. Easy child birth

Easy break up spell

145. Emotional; healing

146. Employment spell

147. Fast luck

148. Fiery wall of protection

149. Follow me boy

150. Friendship

151. Fertility

152. Financial ruin

153. Family protection

154. Forgiveness

155. Fier of love

156. Female domination

157. Financial or money, luck formula

158. Free yourself from your hidden fears

159. Fear

160. Find a job

161. Friendship spell to end an argument

162. For a new friendship

163. Friendships binding spell

164. For removing envy and jealousy

165. For beauty and youth

166. For bullies

167. For improved memory and concentration

168. Find a letter job with better pay

169. Forgiveness spell

170. Find your soulmate

171. Financial success

172. Fast luck

173. Gay love

174. Dont Go away mad just go away

175. Grow hair

176. Gamblers dream

177. Good riddance spell

178. Getting them to move

179. Get someone out of your life

180. Grow your own money

181. Get a job

182. Get a new job

183. Get over it spell

184. Good meditation spell

185. green devil money back

186. Get someone out of your life for good

187. Glamour spell

188.Get your wish

189. Get money fast

190. Getting pregnant

191. House blessing

192. Hot foot

193. Healing

194. Home reliance

195. Hell's waiting room

196. Heart break hotel

197. How to break spell

198. Healing charm to banish sickness

199. House cleansing

200. Helping hand spell


201. Hel;ping a friend with a decision

202. House protection spell bottle

203 .Healing spell for your pet

204. Healing spiritual illness

205. How to attract customers to your business

206. Happiness spell

207. Healing after a personal loss

208. How to get to be telepathy

209. Hex to bring discord and darkness

210. Hex spell for a powerful evil eye

211. Headache from hell spell

212. Home refinance loan spell

213. I love you, please come home

214. Influence another person's mind

215. Intranquility

216. increase for job search

217. Increasing your mind power

218. Improve luck

219. Increase prosperity

220. it's over between us

221. Influence another person

222. Job, promotion, prevent being laid off

223. John the conqueror

224. Jar spell to stop a trouble maker

225. Job promotion

226. Kindle a old flame

227. Kiss me all over

228. King salomon wisdom

229. Kiss me now

230. Keeping your lover

Knot love

231. Lucky angle

232. Love spell

233. Law stay way

234. Love only me

235. Lodestone

236. Lucky nine-gamblers spell

237. Lottery spell

238. Loose their job

239. Lover come back

240. Love and desire only me

241. Living in hell

242. Love, sex, lust spell

243. Lemon curse revenge

244. Letting go of grief

245. Love is in the air

Love me now

246. Look me over

247. Lust spell

248. Luck in business or job

249. Lucky seven

250. Let him or her go and move on

251. Lottery and gambling spell

Love bell

Marry me

Make your love secure

Make up

Make the bond of love between yuo strong and unbreakable

252. Money. wealth. prosperity

253. Meddling mother in law or other family members

254. Mind controlling spell

255. Money jar

256. Money drawing spell

257. Marriage spell

258. Marriage to hell hex

259. My lover only has eyes for me

260. Mind/heart/spirit healing spell

261. Make someone dream of you

262. Money good fortune/luck

263. Making someone give you a commitment spell

264. Mirror spell to return negativity back to it's sender

265. New job

266. new employment job

267. Never leave me friend

268. Office from hell revenge spell

269. Over come depression spell

270. Pet blessing

271. pet spells

272. Punish a person

273. Popularity spell

274. Protection chant spell

275. Protect yourself from rumors protection chant

276. Peaceful home

277. paper money

278. Prosperity spell

279. Pay back

280. Pay me back the money you o me

perfect mate

281. Prevent hair loss

282. Protect yourself from negative people

283.Protection from negative energies and negative feelings

284. Peace spell

285. Promotion spell

286. Pregnancy spell

287. Pay bills

288. Peaceful home

289. Psychic vision

290. Pet spell for a injured or sick animal

291. Protection against black magic

292. Quick money spell

293. Quit smoking

294. Reconciliation spell

Reclaim your lost love

REmove the power that is puishing yuor spouse into the arms of another

295. Red cat dragon

296. Real estate spell

297. revenge spell

298. return a lost love

return back to me

reunite us

299. return evil sent

300. Releasing poverty and gaining money

301. Revenge against an unfaithful lover

302. Rid yourself of bad memories

303. Release of pain incantation/ritual

304. Reversing a candle spell done

305. Revenge against cheaters

306. Relationships ending spell

307. Remove curses from yourself

308. Shout your mouth spell

309. Soulmate

310 .Sell a house

311. Self confidence

312. Spell to get what you wont

313. Sending bad stuff away

314. Stop gossip and slander about you

315. Stay away

316. Success in school or career

317. Separating yourself from a problem person

318. Spell to make someone leave you alone

319. Spell to make a lover leave

320. Spell to get someone out of your life

321. S[ell to banish negative energy

322. Spell to banish negative forms from your home and yourself even your place of business

323. Stay away binding spell

324. Seperate yourself from a problem person

325. Spell to freeze someone out of your life

326. Spell to make friends fast

327. Spell for good grades in school or college

328. Stay with me don't leave me

329. Spell to bring back your love who is with someone else

330. spell to find you real love or soulmate

331. Spell to remove any obstacles in your life that may be holding you back from something you wont or giving you problems

332. Sending bad stuff away

333. Spell to banish fever

334. Spell to split lovers up

335. Sending a massage toa departed love

336. Strong desire sex spell

337. Spell to ease a broken heart

338. Spell to end a quarrel with someone

339. Spell to dispel jealousy

340. Spell to banish lovers jealousy

341. Self empowerment spell

342. Spell to release anger

343. Spell to make your lover forget an affair that you had

344. Spell to kee your lover faithful

345. Stop or remove gossip

346. Stop an argument and clear the air between lovers

347. Spell to fall out of love with ones ex

348. Spell to get what you want and hurt who you wont

349. Summoning of dead souls

350. spell to dream of the future

351. Spell to communicate with some some

352. S[pell to communicate with animal or trees

353. Spell to make some dream of you

354. Send bad stuff away

355.Success in school or career

356. Stay with me

357.Soulmate spell

Spell against fear

spell for stress and depression

Spell for courage

spell to get a job

Spell to bring about a need

Success spell

Spell to end aquarel with someone

Sure and simple love

Spell for contacting a friend

Spell for reconciliation

Spell to ease boredom Spell to let loneliness flee

Spell for a jealous work colleague

Spell to let go of another

Spell to release anger

Spell to free yourself of hidden fears or pain

Spell to become nore postive

Spell to ease a broken heart

Spell to be the best that you can be

Stop depression

spell for stress and relief from suicidal feelings

Spell for longevity

Simple wisdom spell

Spell to boost productivity

Self empowerment

Strength spell

Spell for physical body change

Stop gossip or slander

Sell a house in a difficult market

Spell to repair a broken friendship

Spell to change a situation from bad to good

Spell to change fate

Sinus cleating spell

Spell to contact a friend

Spell to repair a broken friendship or relationship

Spell to regain sexual excitement between lovers

Spice up your relationship

Spell to make your boyfriend or girlfriend faithful

Spell to increase your wifes/mans sexual appetite

Spell to renew love/marriage and mind clarity

To be reconciled after doing something bad to a lover

To secure employment

To gain forgiveness

The true love asnd friendship spell

To get a break in show business

To start a passionate affair with thou person's desire

The asskisser gets what is coming to them The well of forgiveness

To clam and center your emotions

To control panic attacks

To call the wind

To end unwanted romantic feelings

To gain control over a situation

To keep beauty from fading

To look magnificent

To help pay debts

To banish illness and cleansing the body To gain energy

To get out of a situation

To heal a cat or dog

To break a hex

To reveal an enemy

358. Twisted mind and soul curse

359. To find lost animals

360. To gain honor and respect

361. To silence a lier

362. To banish a slander lier or false accusations

363. To cause pain to one who has made you duffer

364. To bend others to you

365. To see your future

366. To see the truth about things

367. To receive answer to prayers

366. To obtain great powers

367. To solve problems

368. To stop harassment

369. To break a spell

370. To avert evil

371. To rid oneself of a bothering spirit

372. To make an enemy move away

373. To male someone leave you alone

374. To drive away evil

375. The veration box

376. To rid yourself of an unwanted lover

377. To get someone out of your life

378. To banish negative thoughts

379. To help a friend

380. To obtain money

381. The witch's's bottle protection against enemies

382. To rid yourself of problems or a troublesome situation

383. To get a better job

384. To cause a divorce or break up

385. To sever the ties of a bad marriage or relationship

386. To bring back a lost love

387. Talk to the dead

388. To have dreams of the deceased

389. To keep another man/woman away from your women/man

390. To attract love, romance and passion

391. To make your man more passionate in bed

392. To start your own business

393. To shine at an interview

394. The seven day luck spell

395. To banish slander. libel, false accusations

396. To stop gossip from going on

397. To make an annoying person go away

398. To make him think of you

399. To get one to see the error of thier ways

400. To attract a wealthy husband

401. To get a raise

402. To make an enemy move

403. To make a lover leave

404. To summons a lost person to you

405. To have someone contact you

406. To get someone to call you

407. To banish negative energy from your house

408. To stop someone interfering in your life

409. The lemon black curse

410. To change someone's behavior

411. To heal an animal

412. To take a vacation that you have always wonted

To make someone think of you nonstop

413. three nights of hell

414. Uncrossing

514. Unwanted visitor spell

515. Unraveling spell

516 .van -van spell

517. Voodoo love spell

518. Voodoo spell

Warning spell

519. Words of power for money and material abundance

520. Worry jar

521. WEight kloss spell

522. Witch's healing spell

523. Wish spell

524. Win the lottery spell

525. Win a law suit

526. Win a court case

527. Your cold hearted spell

The will of the Universe. Many of you ask ... well how long will it take to work? That is up to the Universe as to when it will manifest. It could be a couple days or it could take weeks or a couple months. There have been many times I have done spells an had no quick results and then POOF! Two months later it happens! I had almost forget about it. So be patient and have faith in your workings. Positive thinking = positive outcome.

Your belief in the magic you are working. You must believe in your magical workings. If you don't, how can you expect them to work. You must have faith, be patient and you must believe! Magic is not a game or something to just play with. Magic is a way of life. We ask that you allow a period of 90 days for results to manifest to completion.

All services and items are sold for entertainment purposes only. Not represented as or intended as a substitute for professional, medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric advice or care. I cannot be held responsible for anything that may or may not happen to you after the spells are bought. I cannot be held responsible for anything that may or may not happen to you after you cast the spell.

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The seller , magical , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing

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