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MTG Karmic Guide FOIL Altered Art NM Urza's Legacy EDH

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MTG Karmic Guide FOIL Altered Art NM Urza's Legacy EDH
Condition: Used
Quantity Available: 3
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moxpeach (24) Verified Seller
Registered since Sep 2013
in Canada
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Buyer Protection
Buyer Protection

Shipping Terms Buyer pays for shipping expenses
Seller ships internationally.
Ships FromCanada
Postage$5.00 via Other
Insurance Fee -

Online Auction Description

Handling instructions:

1) We do not recommend that you peel the foil layer off. Doing so has a 50% of destroying the real card underneath.

2) We do not recommend that you remove the card from the original KMC perfect-fit sleeve. Repeated sleeving may damage the card.

3) If you remove the card from the KMC sleeve it came in, the return/exchange policy is VOID. We cannot be held responsible for handling mishaps.

4) We do not recommend that you dip the card into liquids. Moisture proof does not mean waterproof. You don’t see paint galleries display their art in water baths. If you want waterproofing, you can msg us and we can enamel your card with tons of spray… but that adds more weight.

5) We do not encourage the “bend test”, as it has a 50% chance of destroying cards anyway. Not even Wizards recommends it.

6) We do not recommend giving the card to your pet so it can play magic with you. The foil confuses our cat and she scratches through it.

Buyer Rewards:

Currently discontinued as the program has become a liability.

Quality Control:

We try our best to produce high quality alterations. By this requirement, we destroy 50% of the foils we print/cut. We try to send only the ones that pass this process. Errors ≤0.5mm are not considered quality control issues.

Tournament Legality:

Effective July 1, 2009
Section 3.3 Authorized Cards: Artistic modifications are acceptable, provided that the modifications do
not make the card unrecognizable or contain substantial strategic advice. The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable cards for a tournament.


1) 95% of items will be shipped within 1 business day of payment. You will be contacted specifically if a delay has occurred.

2) If you wish to qualify for combined shipping discount, you MUST request an invoice for total amounts, OR wait for us to send you can invoice in which we automatically combine shipping for you. If you do not do this, and pay for each item individually, you will NOT receive the combined shipping discount.

3) ALL International combined shipping is $0.75 for each additional item regardless of country, and $0.25 for Canada. We try not to make money on shipping, so if you purchase many items, you may receive a cheaper flat rate than what combined shipping discount calculates out to be. We will refund shipping costs if we profit >$1 from it.

4) We always offer a tracked method.

Type of Service



Canadapost Xpresspost Regional (ON/QC)

2-3 business days (insured)


Canadapost Xpresspost National (all other prov/terr)

2-3 business days (insured)


Canadapost Tracked Packet - USA

4-10 business days (insured)


Canadapost Tracked Packet – International (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark)

5-12 business days (insured)


Canadapost Xpresspost – International (all other locations)

5 business days (insured)


5) We use a parcel shipping service which USUSALLY delivers in 5-12 business days, which is generally faster than USPS international by a week. We have experience with items arriving in France/Germany/Japan in just 5 business days. However, delays in customs may occur and may take as much as 4 weeks.

6) Shipping options are the choice of the buyer, selecting a service without tracking information risk parcel loss at the expense of the buyer.

7) Buyers are responsible for customs tariffs.

8) Buyers from countries outside of: Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Chinese-Taiwan, Austria, who purchase >$150 must purchase a method of shipping with tracking without exceptions. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the transaction(s) and the ability to participate in future purchases.

9) Buyers from Mexico/Italy/Spain/Brazil/Former USSR states must purchase the shipping option involving Canadapost Xpresspost ($75) without exception.


1) Payment is provided via Paypal ONLY, major credit cards are accepted via paypal.

2) Payment is expected within 3 days of auction's end or Buy it Now/Best Offer Purchase date. We do this so if a bidder doesn’t pay, we have time to open a case, and re-list it again soon, or offer it to the next highest bidder.

3) You are welcome to extensions if you are bidding on other items, please let me know.

4) Non-payment after 72 hours of auction’s end results in a Non-paying Bidder Case unless you have contacted me to make alternative arrangements. Once a case has been opened, we will close it after 4 days.

5) We block non-paying bidder IDs from further bids, in perpetuity.

Return Policy:

1) Please refer to the Photo for the appearance of actual items, these are stock photos and there may be minor variations in the product you receive. We offer refund within 7 days of item receipt, a refund is issued when the item has been returned in original condition, and the Buyer is responsible for shipping in both directions as well as for the risk of item loss in shipping both directions and customs fees associated with cross-border shipping. A reason is required to return an item, and is generally used for record keeping purposes.

2) A Mandatory 15% restocking fee is applied to all refunds.

Exchange Policy:

1) We are happy to exchange cards that we deem to be defective. For example: Fingerprints and rough edges from cutting are not considered grounds for exchange, but peeling of the foil is definitely considered grounds for exchange unless the nature of the peeling is suspicious for mishandling or intentional peeling. This exchange policy is valid within 7 days of item receipt.

2) We will not exchange different versions of the same card. You are bidding on the alteration in the descriptions, and if another version of this card should come up later, you cannot exchange for it. If you use the refund policy to return one version of a card only to bid on another version of the same card, we will cancel all your bids and block your account, please refrain from wasting our time.

3) Buyer pays shipping costs associated with returning the item and shipping of the replacement card. Buyer also assumes responsibility for the risk of loss and/or customs fees associated with cross-border shipping.

4) We do not exchange buyer rewards cards. They are free and NOT part of the purchase, and hence you may keep them regardless of whether you return the item for refunds.

Legal Disclaimer:

Magic the Gathering® is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro, all rights reserved. We do not claim ownership of trademarks claimed by Wizards of the Coast.

Legal information:

1) We do NOT create counterfeit cards or Proxies. We do NOT make Magic the Gathering cards from scratch, we do NOT strip a foil MTG card and stick a print over it. An original card of the same name is acquired via aftermarket resale, and used in the alters.

2) We do NOT transform one card into another, that is, we do NOT change the card name/game properties/rarity.

3) We do NOT give add additional game properties to the cards, either from Wizards of the Coast, or from our own invention. We do NOT add additional text to copyrighted prints created by wizards.

4) We do NOT create a new TCG product.

5) Wizards of the Coast DOES NOT own ANY of the art in the alterations that we use to the best of our knowledge.

6) The auctions involve used, modified, third-hand cards.

Frequently Asked Questions / Answers:

1) Yes, we combine shipping, it’s +0.75$ per additional item. Please either request it though the request totals function in eBay or wait for our weekly auctions to end. We will invoice everyone at the same time. Please DO NOT Pay for items separately. If you pay for items separately despite us having combined shipping in an invoice, we will not refund you the savings.

2) We do NOT accept requests asking to use Wizards art. For example: “Can you make a full art card for –this card- with the same art“. NO!! ONLY WIZARDS OWNS WIZARDS ART. (although wizards seems to tolerate this, we would like to steer clear)

3) We do NOT accept requests asking to use “a really cool picture found on the internet”. We would like to offer artists commissions, so mystery pictures with mystery artists we cannot contact is unacceptable.

4) We will not work on cards Revised or Older due to serious misalignment/mis-print issues.

5) We will consider requests if you would like to see the art on cards seen in OUR auctions used for other cards that you request.

6) Most of our art come from asian artists. We are licensed agents in the distribution of their art. If you have reason to believe that the art we are using is yours, and used without your permissions, please contact us.

7) We will entertain wish-list requests. Just message us with the names of cards you would like to see altered. We do not guarantee that every wish will come true. But we will look into it. We manage to get an appropriate flavor specific art for it, we will work it in.

8) Sending your cards to us to save money on commissions is a waste of time and resources, and doubles the risk of loss and damage during shipping. Do not suggest this unless you have something expensive like Jace, Mind Sculptor.

9) Many people would like a Buy-It-Now option. However, we REQUIRE that you have bought at least ONE of our items previously, and are satisfied with the item quality before making such a request.

10) “Can you return a particular card you had before to auction? “ – YES, we try to rotate our cards in auctions. Unless we run out of stock of the original cards. If you don’t see a re-list in 3 weeks, message us to inquire.

11) “Why is shipping cost so high?” – We use CanadaPost Light Packet shipping service, which is typically more expensive but faster than CanadaPost Lettermail (regular stamps). On top of that, Ebay charges us for the shipping…And YES… we LOSE money on all shipping outside of North America. If we make >1$ on shipping cost, we will refund you that money.

12) “Are your products tournament legal?” – MAYBE, they are REAL cards, but altered, so that’s up to your tournament judge. Generally speaking causal tournaments are all okay. So far only one FNM Japanese judge had a problem with it: you are encouraged to show your judge the card photo/video before bidding. DCI tournaments are unlikely to allow these cards as they do not show their black borders and generally look different from the original intended cards.

13) See this link on a Wizards Article regarding altered cards:

Item Attributes (provided by seller)
Brand:Magic the gathering
Contact Seller
Contact Seller
Payment Methods Accepted by Seller:
Shipping Terms Buyer pays for shipping expenses
Seller ships internationally.
Ships FromCanada
Postage$5.00 via Other
Insurance Fee -
Shipping & Payment DetailsPlease see listing for details on shipping:
1) Canada: 2.50 + 0.75$ for each additional item.
2) USA: 5.00 + 0.75%$ for each additional item.
3) Europe/Asia: 7.00 + 0.75$ for each additional item.
4) We do not ship to Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and PO boxes.
5) purchases exceeding $100 must purchase additional tracking option if outside of North America or the transaction will be cancelled. See listing for details.

The seller , moxpeach , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing

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