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Lg Microphone WINDSCREEN Fits MXL MVS or Acoustica Mixcraft Vocal Studio Mic USB

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Lg Microphone WINDSCREEN Fits MXL MVS or Acoustica Mixcraft Vocal Studio Mic USB
End Time :2 days, 14h 53m
Aug. 21, 2017 12:53:01 PDT
Condition: New
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Online Auction Description

New Seller Now Offers Pro Audio Must Have Stuff You Need Under This Special Discounted Lowest Pricing Offer under this Auction Opportunity At A Price Anyone Can Afford !

This Auction Is For A Studio Microphone WINDSCREEN Fitting The MXL MVS or Acoustica Mixcraft Vocal Studio USB Condenser Mic.

Please Let Us Know On Your Checkout Which Of The Listed Mics You Have For Shipment Of The Best Fitting Windscreen!

Bid Now Or Buy-It-Now With Confidence & You Could Be The One To LOCK-IN On The Lowest Possible Price Offer Where Others Might Not Even Think To Bid!

I am here and have these Pre-Shipping-Packaged to fill your orders Really Fast making these an Exceptional Value !

Broadcaster, Podcaster, Singer, Vocalist

Large Diaphragm

Condenser Microphone Windscreen

Really Nice Windscreen At A Super Nice Price! Buy It It Now Or Win It With A Super Low, Low Bid !

Probably One Of The Best Deals You Will Find On A True Professional Grade Large Condenser Mic Sonically Transparent Windscreen !

I have written what I consider to be a most enthusiastic description of this item from my own use and experience with them below. Before I share what I find these to do a nice job with, Let me share what I know they will not do for you. I will assume because of my enthusiastic description of these Windscreens, some people apparently seem to really place exceptionally high expectations (perhaps unrealistic) on this item apparently looking for almost super natural power from them to fix many life problems apparently completely unrelated to this item. Other people now seem to want to compare these to something they know or find and then debate with me over these. If you already have a working Windscreen or Pop Filter solution you use or are happy with, I think this is great and I wish you the best with it. Many others are not so fortunate and this is why I will assume most of these people, perhaps even yourself are here reading this!

FIRST, My What These Windscreens Will NOT Do For You List !

  • They Will NOT Make Your Morning Coffee !

  • They Will NOT Carry You To Another Planet !

  • They Will NOT Be The Miracle Cure For Cancer !

  • They Will NOT Balance The National Deficit !

  • They Will NOT Save Your Mic If You Drop It Off Of A Tall Skyscraper Building !

  • They Will NOT Make You Faster Than A Speeding Bullet !

  • They Will NOT Make You Stronger Than A Mighty Train Locomotive !

  • They Will NOT Give You The Million Dollar Voice Even If You Just Don't Have It !

  • They Will NOT Guarantee That You Are Going To Produce Platinum Selling Records Even If You Just Can't Sing !

By All Means, PLEASE Show Me The Listing AnyWhere That Does ALL The Above Things As I Want To Bid On It Too !

Now let's get real. These are what I find to be a very nice performing Microphone Windscreen that was sold to me as 2 sizes with the package only marked as one size which I share in the listing that I am now learning are about 5 different actual sizes so far and still counting. I ordered so many as you are about to learn and quite honestly, I am still figuring this all out! I am not perfect and neither is the manufacture description. You will see I comment in these listings where I feel I need to with information I think might be helpful.

When you buy a Windscreen from this seller, what you are getting is an experienced person who has worked around recording and sound gear for many years who has found these to do a very nice job removing Hiss and Pop Noises or P and C noises as shared on the manufacture's package from vocals. I also find they will help remove or reduce Air Blast or Drafts from Vents, Moving Air or Wind sources with a number of other nuisance air noise issues found in many recording environments. Most of the sizes I ship of these Windscreen might appear a little thinner than many other Off-The-Shelf Windscreens and the primary design is to pass your desirable and usable signal without significantly affecting high frequency response as many Windscreens often will rather than to serve as a car bumper for your Mic as many seem to want to grade these Windscreens by appearance alone and compare it to something they bought somewhere that is not anywhere in the same quality class in achieving the audio engineering objective these do so well with from this seller's opinion. ! I have tested these against a number of Windscreens and find many off the shelf retails ones are little better than a shoe sock on allowing desirable actual true signal content high frequencies to pass compared to these which is why I like, recommend and sell this item. I find these to rival many great Pop Filters and to be much more convenient and versatile to use which I share in this listing as you will see.

Now this next part is strongly recommended if in doubt and I show this in all my listings and I can't re-emphasize this enough if you are bidding on a listing that does not specify your make and model or if you have a different model than what is listed!

"Of course if you have questions about the fit before you buy or bid, you are more than welcome to write in and I will be happy to share what we know about the possibility of a great fit for the these Windscreens on the Microphone you have. If I honestly don't think we have something that will fit what you have, I will be more than happy to share this as well!"

Now, let's look at a list of what you can reasonably expect when you order through this seller and this is what I ask that you grade me on rather than trying to compare these to an impossible or completely ridiculous list as shown above !

When You Order From This Seller, You Can Reasonably Expect

  • A Reasonably Good (Often Very Nice) Fitting Windscreen For Your Microphone ! If it Is A Model I Am Concerned In Any Way About The Quality Of The Fit, I Will Have Special Note Language To This Effect Clearly Stated In The Listing! With My Helpful Service Resources Such As Large Catalogs Of Past Microphone Engineering Drawings on many popular Studio Condenser Microphones, My Own Experience which is fairly extensive with many of these as I buy and trade Mics frequently. In many cases I do have or had have had many of these Mics listed as I now have quite a personal collection of my own Mics both German Original and Many Chinese Popular Clones in my own collection which usually exceeds 2 dozen or so at any given time as I am always looking for the right sounding Mic for so many different projects. I also just really enjoy playing with these too as you might imagine from reading this! I own an older 24ch Soundcraft Mixing Console, many preamps, compressors, signal processors, quite a bit of AVID digital gear plus I enjoy recording privileges and help out a little through friends within about a half dozen studios within a day's drive of my own area if this gives you any idea of my interest and experience as well so hopefully I just might hopefully know something about the Microphone you have. My experience can Also Save You A Whole Lot Of Time And Wasted Gasoline In Your Car Looking around to find a Windscreen that May Or May Not Fit Your Particular Microphone. This in itself is Golden To Many People & Hopefully For You Too!

  • Prompt, Courteous Professional Service And Assistance To Help Quickly Identity Your Microphone so I can Select A Nice Fitting Windscreen for Your Particular Individual Microphone ! I have had quite a few not supply this information when I request it and if you do not answer my inquiry, I can only guess based on a particular listing you have bid on and I will then ship what I think is your best solution based on what I can figure out from your bid or purchase, The main problem with this is I have people buy a listed Windscreen and then tell me they have a completely different Microphone model. Since I am human, I can only do my best here.

  • Fast Shipping & Handling Time! From My Experience With These Over 90% Of Orders I Receive Are Shipped Out The Same Day Or Quickly Thereafter Depending On The Time Of Day I Confirm Your Payment Or Shipping Information!

  • Any Item I Sell Will Be Priced Far Below Retail Or What I Know It To Sell For. If I Can't Save You Money On It, I Wouldn't Be Much Of A Deal Shopper And Try To Be Pretty Good In This Department As You Should See From This Listing!

  • Tracking Information Promptly Supplied To You On Your Individual Order So You Can Monitor The Shipping Progress And Know When To Expect Your Shipment!

With The Above Said, I don't know what else I can add to this listing to anymore clearly state what this Item Is Or Describe It In Any Way Better Than I Have! Please Enjoy What Has Become A Very, Very Long & (Probably Over) Detailed Listing Below. I Look Forward To Working With You To Personally Answer Any Questions & Fill Your Order As Accurately As I Possibly Can. I Thank You In Advance For Taking The Time To Read All Of This!, Now On To The Listing!

These Are Designed To Be Sold In Music Stores, To Pro Audio & Broadcast Professional Users For $ 39.95, This Deal Allows You To Save Big Money !

Dependable USA Seller Offers FAST First Class Shipping Within The USA Ready To Get These To You Really Quick !

I Really LOVE MUSIC & I very much enjoy music performance and studio production myself. I personally buy a whole lot of musical gear for various recording and performance needs. I have shopped around fairly extensively and in this offer I am sharing some of my findings on professional Windscreens for Studio Condenser Mics with you here below.

In this picture below I am showing a collection of Expensive Windscreens that I have laying around that I paid way too much for before I knew about the deal I could get on the Studio Solutions Windscreens offered here. I am showing you the average selling price of these other Windscreens or what I have paid for them. In the picture on the right below I have the Studio Solutions Windscreen that fits most any Microphone that any of the others pictured will and thanks to a very large buy I made on these, Both you and I can get these at much lower prices than these other expensive Windscreens shown here in this picture.

This one of many reasons why if you need a Studio Condenser Microphone Windscreen, Please Buy One Now at this dirt cheap price below or Enter an Even Lower Bid and you might get into a very nice windscreen at a price that would make most any sound or recording engineer most envious ! My Recommendation is to go ahead and Buy It Now & Lock In On The Really Low Buy It Now Price & Remember I Ship Really Fast Here In The USA to get it to you Really Fast !

Compare The Great Value I Am Offering On The Studio Solutions Windscreen To Many Other Expensive Windscreens As Shown Below!

Compare The Other Expensive Windscreens To My Great Value & Get Ready To Save Big & Equip Your Microphone With A Great Windscreen At An Unheard Of Price!

Many buy a Premium Phantom Powered or USB Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone only to be told by the salesperson that this microphone you just paid a fortune for just will not sound right unless you also buy this expensive pop filter too! If that's not enough to get you steaming mad. You really find yourself getting annoyed by the bulkiness of the traditional round Pop Filter in your face perhaps blocking your lyric, copy or music material or the nuisance of the filter not staying place where it was supposed to either.

Many will tell you that a windscreen versus a pop filter will significantly diminish your high frequency response and you should not use a windscreen in a recording environment. This seller became tired of hearing this and began experimenting with various wind screens in testing this theory in a studio environment. The verdict was this screen worked about the same without the annoying placement or bulk issues with a typical pop filter. These screens are great and fit most larger condenser mics. The price is definitely most attractive on this deal and this is your chance around the annoying bulky pop filter issues with a great windscreen that works at a nice price with fast shipping !

We have a great solution and you can get it for well under the price or even half the price of traditional Audio Pop Filters that are of any decent quality. These great sounding Windscreen filters work equally well with both traditional 48 volt or 48v XLR Phantom Powered Condenser Microphones or many of the new Modern USB Plug-N-Play Condensor Microphones too! This Seller bought quite large quantity of these that were being sold by another liquidator that just did not have the time to sell them here so now being the deal minded buyer that I am, I purchased these and will continue to share them with you until they are gone !

I recently found a Music Store not too far from my area offering these same Wind Screens At "15% Off With The Purchase Of A Studio Condenser Microphone" ! Ouch, 15% and you have to buy a Microphone To Get This Measly, Wimpy Discount ? I Offer these at more than on average of 65% with no other purchase required ! This is another great reason of why I consider myself The Deal Shopper Here On Ebay !

Music Stores Are Expensive For These, I Sell Them Really Cheap!

Since I bought such a large supply of premium large diaphragm microphone windscreens that will fit many larger diaphragm mics and we have these now ready to go at a really great low price with easy to-your-door shipping available at this super LOW Price. These basically provide the same audio filtering as traditional Large Bulky Round Pop Filters and these do it much less intrusively to allow you to focus on your vocal, speech or narration production and not worry about equipment problems or getting less than the best performance out of your new premium studio microphone. Seller recommends you should measure the barrel diameter at the screen on your own mic and screen height area of your larger condenser mic just to make sure this will fit before you buy this to make sure you can use it. It may also stretch just a little beyond the actual posted measurements as we well, but not much so be careful if you mic is actually larger than the dimensions posted above. If it is the same or smaller unless your screen area of you mic is some odd shape rather than cylindrical you are pretty well ok. These will fit a majority of larger condenser mics we have encountered but I do give the dimensions on the package just to help you plan it out and make sure for yourself.

Many write in asking about what these look like and will it fit their larger microphone ? We assembled the banner picture below with tips for easier installation or as a helpful guide if you have a microphone with a case barrel larger than 2 inches in diameter or some of the unusual shapes or 90 degree sharper edges found on the screen element areas of some larger condenser microphones such as a larger AKG or similar styled mics.

Seller will also share that if you have a rather wide diameter microphone such as a Neumann TLM-103 or MXL 990 or other short wide mics like these. This seller will share and recommend to you to be prepared to be patient and use extreme caution because it is very easy to tear these windscreens in trying to apply these to these models of mics. Seller offers screens pre-stretched as mentioned below if you feel this is of real concern. I try to supply as much information as I can in this listing because if you can use the windscreen, I would love to send you one. If you can't I don't want you to waste your money and I try to offer as much information as I possibly can here to help you make an intelligent purchase decision for your own needs. I can share these are not going to fit over many antique ribbon microphones. You are always welcome to write in and ask if you have a very large or over-sized microphone with the make and model and I will be happy to look it up to see what we might know about it.

Fits Larger Mics Easier If You Flex & Stretch! Highly Recommend Stretching For Larger Condenser Microphones!

This is your chance to pick up a professional grade larger designed windscreen for your larger Professional Condenser Microphone at a bargain basement price. If you have tried to stretch normal windscreens over larger barrel mics, you have probably been terribly disappointed by both the too small size to cover these mics as well as frequency attenuation issues that you really just do not want. We are well known for importing special deals in large quantity from Asian Nations and then breaking up large shipments and making these affordable in smaller quantities for consumers here in the United States. We initially began ordering these for Planet AV Studios and now several other studios or their friends so to speak have jumped on the pro audio savings wagon as well. We began to up our import quantity levels for the best pricing and now we are opening this up to where anyone who wants a professional grade studio windscreen that has been sonically evaluated and tested can now acquire one of these at a fraction of what they are normally designed to sell for. They keep upping their orders to us so this certainly tells us a great deal about these too!

We have been selling so many of these quality filters to Podcasters, Radio Broadcast Professionals, Narration Audio, Video & YouTube Video Producers both in professional studio environments and plenty of those with Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) setups in their home or studio as well. Anyone that needs quality P&C Pop Noise Attenuation will love the deal we now have available on these professional speech and vocal recording microphone windscreens and with Low Very Cost Shipping So It's A Deal That Just Can't Be Beat!

We were also able to get these pictures of pop filters showing common practical real World problems that often occur compared to quality transparent quality acoustic windscreens such as these offered under this special purchase imported deal that will often serve about the same purpose while preserving sonic accuracy and offering a much more convenient space saving design that allows you to focus on your recording job and not on equipment problems as will often be the case with many pop filters!

Put An End To Filter FLOP !

We receive a number of request from users who are looking for a Windscreen for their larger or more challenging sized Microphones. I won't guarantee we can fit every large Studio Microphone out there, but I will be more than happy to share what we know on a particular make and model if you want to write in and ask.

Here are a couple of Larger Microphones with these Windscreens on them below sent in by users who put these Windscreens to the creative challenge in fitting these on larger wider Microphones. I Sincerely and Most Warmly Thank these Most Wonderful customers who sent in links to their Condenser Microphone Pictures for me to share with you here in our listings. Shown below on the Left are the MXL 900 which is built in the same size case as the most popular MXL 990 patterned from the World Renown Neumann TLM 103 and Second On the Right Side is the Yeti Pro Mic which is the higher end model same sized version of the Blue Yeti USB Condenser Microphone. Both of these great Microphones are a little unusual in their appearance and offer a challenge in finding a quality Windscreen to fit them. You might need to flex and stretch these a little but they will work quite well for the elimination of room Air Movement Noise, P (Pop) & C (sssss hiss) Syllable filtering while also offer additional protection for your own Studio Condenser Microphone as shown below.

Obviously since we fit so many Microphones and Windscreens as shown on this page. All Display Microphone Pictures and Windscreens May Or May Not Represent The Actual Microphone or Windscreen You May Have or Need as these are shown for example display purposes, but this gives you a pretty good idea of the variety and quality of the Windscreens we ship out and have readily available for you. Our goal is to select a great fitting Windscreen for you at a Really Great Price!

Many Are Installing These Windscreens On Some Most Unusual Sized Microphones, I Am Here To Answer Questions About The Fit Of These Windscreens For Your Own Microphone!

Of course if you have questions about the fit before you buy or bid, you are more than welcome to write in and I will be happy to share what we know about the possibility of a great fit for the these Windscreens on the Microphone you have. If I honestly don't think we have something that will fit what you have, I will be more than happy to share this as well!

This Special Purchase Sale Opportunity Allows You To Enjoy A Pro-Quality Easy To Use Windscreen At A Very Low Bargain Basement Price!

Special Note, Here's The Catch ! Many have been asking how we were able to get such a great deal on these windscreens where we can sell these at this low price to you ? Here is the answer, If you look at the package above on the retail hanger display on the top. There was a large batch that did not get retail hanger hole punched for hanging on retail shelf display hanger pegs. This flaw was caught well after manufacturing and packaging so the rest is history. We bought up a huge lot of these with the acceptance of this minor packaging flaw that most end users would not even notice. If you can live with this tiny issue, you just found a super deal on a premium quality windscreen. Those interested in reselling these can easily add your own hanger hole with a hole punch if you need to. So there you have it, that's the only thing wrong we have found with these and the price is discounted significantly.

Many have been in total disbelief about the deal I have found and offered and say there is no possible way I could offer this! It's a well known simple economic fact that the more you buy of something, generally the cheaper you can get it for.

Let' s just say I might have gone a little overboard in my shopping and I hope this picture helps clarify a little of why I have lots of incentive to sell these to you really cheap!

I Went Shopping For This Deal To Bring You The Lowest Possible Price!

Of Course I Care About Finding & Sharing Great Deals, I Also Really Care About The Environment & I Always Try To Use Recycled Shipping Materials To Help Save The Needless Cutting Of Green Trees & Often Senseless Destruction Of Our Natural Tree Forrest ! Of Course This Can Also Help Keep Your Windscreen Purchase Price Down To The Lowest Possible Level Too !

I Love & Share Great Deals Where I Find Them, I Also Love The Environment! I Use Recycled Environmentally Friendly Recycled Packaging Where Possible To Help Save Our Trees & To Help Keep A Green Planet!

You Can Enjoy A Very Low Starting Bid Level With This Item & Receive Low Cost Shipping & Handling Out The Door To You Anywhere in The United States. We apologize but NO Export Shipping Is Available On This Special Offer ! This Super Low Cost Shipping Deal Is For The United States Only!


This Order Will Be Shipped 1st Class & A Tracking Number Will Be Promptly Delivered To You!

As with all of our sale items on this site. While these are a factory fresh and a new item. Since we sell everything in a liquidator type environment. We sell all items as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. All sales are normally sold as-is unless stated otherwise in listing terms. Shipping Is Way To Expensive to go back & forth on returns especially on larger bulky items or small ticket items. You are buying item as-is with the understanding that you are getting a really great deal on this item and all sales are final and non refundable unless auction sale terms specifically allow for returns. On returnable purchase eligible auctions, allowable returns will have a reasonable standard 20% restocking charge plus initial shipping charges initially paid by purchaser due to seller or a $4.75 Minimum Shipping, Handling & Packaging Charge where free shipping may have been offered on any returns on sales where returns on auction may have been authorized on purchases with returns available. This provision is not available on non-returnable sales and all non returnable sales will be final. This site sells really low priced items in a liquidation discounted setting. We test all items for operation where we can and any known deficiencies we can find will be listed in the description where and as we find them. We do our best to provide a detailed description of any deficiencies we may find and disclose these thoroughly in our item descriptions. We are not perfect as no one is, but usually we are often quite accurate on the mark in our testing of items. This site will sell both working and non working items as well as both used and new items and we do our best to provide clear item condition descriptions to allow you to make an informed and intelligent purchase decision on the item you wish to buy from us. We work hard to earn your business and we do very much appreciate your purchase and we certainly do our best to maintain a high customer satisfaction level.

You found your Deal, Bid Now With Confidence And Be The One To Lock-In First Place on this Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Windscreen before someone else bids and gets to take it away at almost a steal compared to what most people charge for this stuff today.

This Auction Is For A Studio Microphone WINDSCREEN Fitting The MXL MVS or Acoustica Mixcraft Vocal Studio USB Condenser Mic.

This Large Condenser Microphone Windscreen will fit both the MXL MVS USB, Acoustica Mixcraft Vocal Studio Microphone & also the MXL 990 Mic as well !

Please Let Us Know On Your Checkout Which Of The Listed Mics You Have For Shipment Of The Best Fitting Windscreen!

For The Absolute Fastest Handling Time In Preparing Your Order When You Either Win This Auction Or Buy It Now ! PLEASE Either Send A Message With Your Purchase Telling Me What MODEL Of MICROPHONE You Have Or At Least Please, PLEASE Promptly Answer The Inquiry You Will Receive When You Either Win Or Buy This Windscreen For Your Microphone as this allows both of us to know I am sending you the best fitting Windscreen I have for your Microphone. I like to know I am sending you the actual Windscreen you need. As mentioned, shipping is just way to expensive on these for either of us to waste time or money on getting it right. Since this is a NON-Returnable Item, Let's Work Together To Get It Right For You! Your Assistance, Patience and Understanding Are Most Appreciated as this Seller Works Hard to make this as nice as I can for you with this Fantastic Special Purchase Discount Offer ! If I don't receive an answer in a timely manner, all I can really do is just send an Averaged, Sized Windscreen for most models listed you are purchasing for based on the listing which may or may not be for the exact Model Mic you have.

Now You Don't Have To Pay $39.95 !!!

Make Your Confident Winning Bid Now & You Just Might Be The One To Get It For The Super Low Priced Deal As My Main Goal Is Just To Try To Sell Down Some Of The Huge Quantity Of These I Purchased !

Thanks for taking the time to read and learn about this auction. I hope this helps you out as it really helps me out to just to get rid of just too much stuff from too much deal shopping. I share great deals where I find them and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to check out this great offer I have put together for you here on !

Item Attributes (provided by seller)
Contact Seller
Contact Seller
Payment Methods Accepted by Seller:
Shipping Terms Seller pays for shipping expenses
Seller ships to United States address only.
Please no International buyers.
Ships From32314, Florida, United States
Postage - Free Shipping -
Insurance Fee -
Shipping & Payment DetailsFull Payment Must Be received within 1 Day Of Auction Close & We Generally Ship Within 1 Day Of Payment Received. Item Is Non Returnable Or Refundable Under This Super Cheap Deal, English Speaking Support ONLY Is Available Under This Special Offer! No International shipping on this special low price offer! We Work Hard To Make This An Exceptional Offer At An Incredible LOW,LOW Price, Thanks

The seller , thedealshopper , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing

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