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Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Manganese, Hardness - 9 GPM - Fleck 2510SXT Valves

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Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Manganese, Hardness - 9 GPM - Fleck 2510SXT Valves
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afwfilters (0)
Registered since Jun 2012
in United States
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Online Auction Description

Product Features

Complete Filox System

10-inchx54-inch resin tank
Riser tube with stacked distributor basket
Fleck 2510SXT Control Head
1.5 cubic feet Filox*
Gravel Bed
Choice of connection

Complete Water Softener System

10-inchx54-inch resin tank
Riser tube with distributor basket
1.5 cubic feet high capacity resin
Fleck 2510SXT Digital Metered Control Head
Choice of connection
Standard Brine Tank with Safety Float


No potassium permanganate or any other chemicals are required for operation of the system, it simply backwashes with water.


Flow meter measures water and regenerates based on water use, not time, conserving salt and water

Removes iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfer), and manganese

Iron up to 15ppm, both ferric and ferrous, which causes red/orange staining. Hydrogen sulfide up to 7ppm, commonly referred to (incorrectly) as sulfur, the cause of rotten egg odor. Manganese up to 3 ppm, which creates black slime and may cause a metallic taste

Removes Water Hardness & Eliminates Scale

Ion exchange process physically removes the ions that cause hard water. This eliminates scale buildup on faucets, fixtures, and inside pipes

9 GPM Service Flow

Treats a maximum flow rate of 9 gallons per minute

6.6-8.25 GPM Backwash Flow

Requires a minimum of 6.6 GPM available for backwashing, with 8.25 or more recommended for best media life

Fleck 2510SXT Digital Control Heads

Combines reliability and digital ease-of-use

Dual Motors

Separate motors for piston control and timing ensures consistent, long lasting operation

Structural USA Resin Tanks

Durable, high quality polyglass tank made by a trusted name it tank manufacturing

Package Discount

Get common system combinations at a discount over ordering separately

DIY Installation

Simple system connections and detailed installation instructions allow most homeowners to install this system themselves. For those who prefer to leave the work to a professional, most plumbers can install the system in 1-2 hours.

Product Description

Many times your home may need more than one system to deal with the water problems you are facing. Our package deals offer our most common multi-system solutions at a discounted price!

Iron is a common problem in homes today. It causes red staining on fixtures, as well as turning clothes and sometimes even your hair a reddish orange color. Iron bacteria is sometimes present in water with iron, creating a slimy build up in standing water (such as your toilet tank) and can smell like rotting vegetation. Hydrogen Sulphide (mistakenly called sulfur quite frequently) is easily detected by the presence of a "rotten egg" odor, and is sometimes associated with yellow staining. Manganese is most often seen as a black slimy substance that builds in standing water, and may impart a metallic taste to the water.

Hard water causes a multitude of problems. Scale build-up restricts pipes, builds up on fixtures, and can degrade appliances. Hard water spots are also common on dishes and many other surfaces. The ions that comprise hard water attract soap molecules, requiring more soap to get the job done. This also causes an increase in soap scum and can prevent the removal of dirt and bacteria when bathing. Hard water has also been know to cause hair and skin to be brittle and dry.

The Filox* system provides high contaminate removal with excellent service flow rates and reasonable backwash flow rates. Combined with chemical free performance and competitive pricing, the Filox* system is one of the most popular systems for treatment of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese.

Water softeners use an ion-exchange process to remove the ions that create hard water, eliminating hard water and the problems associated with it. Automatic regeneration initiated by a high quality Fleck metered head means high efficiency, consistent water treatment, and low maintenance. Soft water will extend the life of your appliances, decrease soap requirements, and decrease the occurrence of soap scum. Softer hair and skin are also common when using water that has been softened.

The Fleck 2510SXT is one of the best control heads in the US, it's easy LCD display and touchpad controls make it easy to use. The 2510 features dual drive motors that result in a stronger, longer lasting control valve. The advanced features and the capacity for higher efficiency provide top of the line results. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this head will provide long lasting performance as well.

The durable polyglass resin tank is manufactured by Structural USA and is backed by a 10 year warranty. The simple design allows for installation almost anywhere without being unsightly, and optional tank jackets provided added aesthetics for high visible areas. NOTE: Tank color may vary from the one shown

This softener comes complete with a brine tank that includes a float assembly for added reliability and peace of mind. Capable of holding up to 250 lb of salt, the large capacity of this brine tank requires infrequent addition of salt and reduces maintenance. NOTE: Color and design may vary from the system pictured

More Info

Replacement Media:
FM-FLX-05 - Qty Needed:3
FM-GRNT-LB - Qty Needed:16
FM-HCRSN-10 - Qty Needed:1 FM-HCRSN-05 - Qty Needed:1
Service Flows
Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum contaminate removal at a constant flow for media alone. Intermittent flow rate and/or lower contaminate levels MAY allow higher treatment flow rates.

Backwash Flow Rates
The backwash flow rate is the minimum rate that MUST be available to ensure proper backwashing and adequate media life. While lower flows can be used and MAY provide adequate results, using less than the recommended flows WILL void the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Warranties on the tank and control valve will remain unaffected.
*Important Note
Filox is the most widely known brand name for filtration media containing a minimum of 75% manganese dioxide. Other brand names shipped may include (but are not limited to): Catalox, Terminox, and MangOx, all containing a minimum of 75% manganese dioxide.
Item Attributes (provided by seller)
Brand:Abundant Flow Water
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