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GreenZapr Sports Field UVC Surface Sanitizer Battery Powered

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GreenZapr Sports Field UVC Surface Sanitizer Battery Powered
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$16,895 GreenZapr 850 Sports Field Sterilizer, Battery Powered.

The GreenZapr UVC Surface Sanitizer.

The GreenZapr® represents a new paradigm in synthetic turf safety. Built around germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) lights, the GreenZapr disinfects synthetic surfaces with powerful exposure, instantly destroying harmful micro-organisms. From viruses such as Hepatitis, STAPH, and E-Coli to Salmonella, HIV and the Influenza viruses, GreenZapr creates the ultimate benchmark for field safety.

Powered by a portable Honda generator or optional rechargeable gel cell, the UVC lamps are mated into two reflector modules. The standard 3-pass treatment places over 6,707µW/cm² of UVC energy on any given portion of the field — killing all harmful micro-organisms.

Compared to other sanitation techniques, the GreenZapr is the most efficient, most cost-effective method available to the industry.

Product Features.

The GreenZapr® uses a total of sixteen (16) specifically designed UVC lamps. It’s designed to operate at a distance of 2.5” from the surface. At this distance, the energy intensity (measured in terms of micro watts per square centimeter) is 6,558 µW-s/cm². When operating the unit at the recommended 3-pass/6 mph method, the “dosage” is 6,707 µJ/cm² . For reference, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) requires 6,600µW/cm² for a 3-log (99.9%) reduction.

The GreenZapr is a tow-behind unit, with high-quality roller bearings on the running gear for smooth, easy operation. The GreenZapr is equipped with a safety "position sensor" to shut the unit off when being raised and the SMART control module shuts off power to the unit when not in operation.

Quick Facts:

The GreenZapr disinfects synthetic turf surfaces with powerful germicidal UVC lights. Harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, HIV, and influenza are eradicated through DNA destruction, eliminating the potential for “Super Bugs”.

Powerful Germicidal UVC
Destroys 99.9% of Harmful Micro-Organisms
Reliable On-Board Power
Most Efficient, Cost-Effective Sanitation Technique

Reliable on-board power via generator or optional rechargeable gel cell batteries provide the most efficient, cost-effective sanitation method available in the industry.

UVC and Micro-Organisms.

Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air and water purification. UV has been a known mutagen at the cellular level for more than one-hundred years. The 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for his use of UV against tuberculosis. Application of UV irradiation to purify water was a technique invented by Ashok Gadgil.

UVGI utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) that is harmful to micro organisms. This wavelength of UV is rare on Earth as its atmosphere blocks it. It is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted by the UV radiation. This removes their reproductive capabilities and kills them.

During the 1950s UVGI is incorporated into air handling equipment and has become important in many clean rooms, surgical suites, and food processing. In the early 1990’s, UVGI was pioneered into significant water treatment processing for municipal systems as well as for treatment of swimming pools. The introduction of UVC into HVAC systems is pioneered in 1996.

GreenZapr Synthetic Sports Turf Sanitizer/Sterilizer (850, 850E) Specifications:

All measurements listed within the specifications are from the original design documents. Please confirm the accuracy of such measurements for your own benefit.

Main Frame: 2 inch square tube (11 gauge) with 1-1/2 inch (10 gauge) Square tube cross bars.
Draw Bar: One piece 2” square tube.
Length: 108 inches.
Width: 84 inches.
Weight: Model 850 - 1,250 lbs. Model 850E - 1,450 lbs.
Running Gear: 4 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with caged roller bearings and spanner bushings.
Lift Mechanism: Hand crank with safety “position sensor"
Light Module: 2 – 8 UVC light module w/ LED indicators and hour meter.
UVC Bulbs: Sixteen 36 watt slim line, hard quartz glass lamp envelope with FEP shatter-proof coating and waterproof sure seal lamp socket connection.
Power Source (Model 850): 1000 watt Honda gas generator.
Power Source (Model 850E): 4 deep cycle rechargeable gel-cell batteries with 1000 watt inverter/charger.
Spring Tine Rake: 42 – 3/16” diameter tines with 40° tip bend.
Finish: Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating.
Shipping Crate: 116” x 82” x 42”
Crated Weight: 1995 lbs.
Did You Know?
Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” Short-wave ultraviolet radiation, in the “C” band (200 to 280 nanometers) has been used for over 100 years.
Niels Ryberg Finsen (1860-1904) is first to employ UV rays in treating disease and receives the 1903 Nobel Prize.
UV light in the form of germicidal lamps kill the types of microorganisms that typically cause indoor air quality problems -- bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses. At certain wavelengths UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.
At a wavelength of 2,537 Angstroms (254 nm) UV will break the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA, producing thymine dimers in their DNA thereby destroying them, rendering them harmless or prohibiting growth and reproduction. It is a process similar to the UV effect of longer wavelengths (UVB) on humans, such as sunburn or sun glare. Micro-organisms have less protection from UV and can't survive prolonged exposure to it.

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