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Dr. Battery LAC201 Notebook Battery for Acer

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Dr. Battery LAC201 Notebook Battery for Acer
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Ships From89506-9151, Nevada, United States
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Online Auction Description

  • Product Info

    Replacement Notebook Power Adapter, for 11.1 Volt Li-ion Laptop Battery.


    • Replace your old battery
    • Carry a spare battery


    Part NumberLAC201
    Warranty1 Year
    Capacity4400 mAh
    Device Voltage11.1V

    Compatible Models

    Aspire 3100 SeriesAspire 3100-1033Aspire 3100-1052
    Aspire 3100-1104Aspire 3100-1352Aspire 3100-1405
    Aspire 3100-1458Aspire 3100-1509Aspire 3100-1709
    Aspire 3100-1711Aspire 3100-1868Aspire 3100-1972
    Aspire 3100-1974Aspire 3102Aspire 3102NWLMi
    Aspire 3102WLMiAspire 3103Aspire 3104
    Aspire 3104WLMiB120Aspire 3104WLMiB80Aspire 3690 Series
    Aspire 3690-2008Aspire 3690-2009Aspire 3690-2032
    Aspire 3690-2070Aspire 3690-2083Aspire 3690-2087
    Aspire 3690-2119Aspire 3690-2138Aspire 3690-2139
    Aspire 3690-2150Aspire 3690-2164Aspire 3690-2173
    Aspire 3690-2196Aspire 3690-2208Aspire 3690-2268
    Aspire 3690-2306Aspire 3690-2329Aspire 3690-2359
    Aspire 3690-2363Aspire 3690-2408Aspire 3690-2430
    Aspire 3690-2436Aspire 3690-2468Aspire 3690-2481
    Aspire 3690-2485Aspire 3690-2495Aspire 3690-2510
    Aspire 3690-2513Aspire 3690-2518Aspire 3690-2522
    Aspire 3690-2524Aspire 3690-2612Aspire 3690-2639
    Aspire 3690-2654Aspire 3690-2662Aspire 3690-2672
    Aspire 3690-2693Aspire 3690-2710Aspire 3690-2711
    Aspire 3690-2780Aspire 3690-2813Aspire 3690-2819
    Aspire 3690-2848Aspire 3690-2861Aspire 3690-2862
    Aspire 3690-2875Aspire 3690-2906Aspire 3690-2922
    Aspire 3690-2929Aspire 3690-2949Aspire 3690-2955
    Aspire 3690-2970Aspire 3690-2983Aspire 3692WLCi
    Aspire 3693WLMIAspire 5100Aspire 5100 Series
    Aspire 5100-3010Aspire 5100-3016Aspire 5100-3087
    Aspire 5100-3123Aspire 5100-3139Aspire 5100-3357
    Aspire 5100-3372Aspire 5100-3530Aspire 5100-3538
    Aspire 5100-3577Aspire 5100-3748Aspire 5100-3825
    Aspire 5100-3886Aspire 5100-3949Aspire 5100-3959
    Aspire 5100-4001Aspire 5100-4306Aspire 5100-4575
    Aspire 5100-4720Aspire 5100-4750Aspire 5100-4762
    Aspire 5100-4800Aspire 5100-5022Aspire 5100-5023
    Aspire 5100-5033Aspire 5100-5095Aspire 5100-5222
    Aspire 5100-5232Aspire 5100-5310Aspire 5100-5328
    Aspire 5100-5400Aspire 5100-5474Aspire 5100-5480
    Aspire 5100-5538Aspire 5100-5540Aspire 5100-5697
    Aspire 5100-5747Aspire 5100-5778Aspire 5100-5830
    Aspire 5100-5840Aspire 5101Aspire 5101AWLMi
    Aspire 5102Aspire 5102-AWLMiP120Aspire 5102-AWLMiP80
    Aspire 5102-AWLMiP80FAspire 5102WLCiAspire 5102WLMi
    Aspire 5102WLMi-MCEAspire 5103WLMiP120Aspire 5103WLMiP160
    Aspire 5110 SeriesAspire 5110-5202Aspire 5110-5351
    Aspire 5110-5419Aspire 5110-5447Aspire 5110-5560
    Aspire 5110-5744Aspire 5112Aspire 5112WLMi
    Aspire 5113WLMiAspire 5114WLMiAspire 5610 Series
    Aspire 5610-2013Aspire 5610-2075Aspire 5610-2089
    Aspire 5610-2173Aspire 5610-2225Aspire 5610-2252
    Aspire 5610-2273Aspire 5610-2312Aspire 5610-2328
    Aspire 5610-2381Aspire 5610-2418Aspire 5610-2556
    Aspire 5610-2714Aspire 5610-2738Aspire 5610-2759
    Aspire 5610-2933Aspire 5610-2966Aspire 5610-2998
    Aspire 5610-4039Aspire 5610-4075Aspire 5610-4083
    Aspire 5610-4179Aspire 5610-4182Aspire 5610-4238
    Aspire 5610-4349Aspire 5610-4537Aspire 5610-4577
    Aspire 5610-4608Aspire 5610-4612Aspire 5610-4621
    Aspire 5610-4648Aspire 5610-4680Aspire 5610-4685
    Aspire 5610-4687Aspire 5610-4693Aspire 5610-4720
    Aspire 5610-4877Aspire 5610-4948Aspire 5610AWLMi
    Aspire 5611AWLMiAspire 5611ZWLMiAspire 5612
    Aspire 5612AWLMiAspire 5612WLMiAspire 5613
    Aspire 5613WLMiAspire 5630 SeriesAspire 5630-6002
    Aspire 5630-6009Aspire 5630-6040Aspire 5630-6124
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    Aspire 5630-6368Aspire 5630-6431Aspire 5630-6436
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    Aspire 5630-6675Aspire 5630-6679Aspire 5630-6690
    Aspire 5630-6715Aspire 5630-6760Aspire 5630-6803
    Aspire 5630-6806Aspire 5630-6833Aspire 5630-6864
    Aspire 5630-6891Aspire 5630-6895Aspire 5630-6943
    Aspire 5630-6951Aspire 5630-6966Aspire 5632WLMi
    Aspire 5633WLMiAspire 5634WLMiAspire 5650 Series
    Aspire 5680 SeriesAspire 5680-6001Aspire 5680-6048
    Aspire 5680-6063Aspire 5680-6082Aspire 5680-6123
    Aspire 5680-6389Aspire 5680-6509Aspire 5680-6516
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    Aspire 5683Aspire 5683WlLiAspire 5683WLMi
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    Aspire 9800 SeriesAspire 9804Aspire 9804WKMi
    Aspire 9805Aspire 9805WKHi
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  • This is an open box item that has never been used. The battery itself is still original sealed packaging. It sells elsewhere online for almost $65 plus s/h. Get yours here for less. WYSIWYG.
Thanks for looking and happy bidding.

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Seller ships internationally.
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Ships From89506-9151, Nevada, United States
Postage$15.00 via USPS
Insurance Fee -
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