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Digital Full Video Elite Interactive MPEG Playback Upgrade - NEW/SEALED/COLLECT

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Digital Full Video Elite Interactive MPEG Playback Upgrade - NEW/SEALED/COLLECT
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liquidcomics (15) Verified Seller
Registered since Jan 2011
in United States
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being sold AS-IS.

The included classic games and media that
come with this alone are worth getting


ITEM DESCRIPTION: MODEL: RT-VMPEG-AC MANUFACTURER: Digital Equipment Corporation LOCATION: Marlboro, MA 01752 MADE IN: U.S.A. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 386SX/25, 386DX/25, or higher 16-bit expansion slot 2MB RAM 2MB HD Space VGA or SuperVGA with VESA or IBM compliant feature connector VGA or multisync monitor Sound Card with AUX Stereo Input Connector or (Line-in) CD-ROM drive capable of 150KB/sec sustained transfer rate Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher (for Windows applications) DOS 5.0 or higher.
ALSO INCLUDED WITH THIS: Challenge Pack III Manual and CD-ROM disc with many interactive games
[The Software Toolworks, Inc. 60 Leveroni Court, Novato, CA 94949].
Games inclusive:
    (01) RoboCop 3D
    (02) Push-Over
    (03) EPIC
    (04) Life & Death II
    (05) Might & Magic
    (06) D/Generation
    (07) Contraption Zack
    (08) Chessmaster 2100
    (09) The Chessmaster 3000
    (10) BOT
(11) Bubble Trouble (12) Flack Attack (13) Mole's Quest. RealMagic Video CD-ROM "The Psychotron".
FULL VIDEO Interactive CD and Installation Floppy v2.01M3 and Manual with Demo CD-player.
VGA Terminator for your other Video Board VGA Output connector to your monter (un-used
and terminated). This card works in conjunction with a video card with a supported
interface/add-on port.

Stereo Audio Cable to connect FULLVIDEO to you Sound Card (Line-in) connector.

The FULL VIDEO ELITE MPEG CARD Upgrade is capable of 1024x768, full Screen 30
frames-per-second (Motion Pictures Expert Group) MPEG Playback with 16-bit
stereo sound, TV Quality Video, CD Quality Audio for multimedia software,
games, and presentations supporting Windows OLE at 74-min on a CD-ROM disc,
interactively. Connects to your other VGA Video Card via Video Pass-Through
Cable. Capable of handling DAT files of Video CDs or Karaoke.

MAYNARD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nov. 8, 1994 -- Digital Equipment Corporation today announced the FullVideo family -- its entry into the retail multimedia market -- a full line of board-level PC enhancement hardware products that provides full-screen, full-motion, TV-like video with 16-bit CD-quality stereo sound. Based on RealMagic Interactive MPEG
(Moving Picture Experts Group) technology from Sigma Designs (NASDAQ:SIGM),
the FullVideo line adds a new sense of realism to popular entertainment
and education titles of PC software.

Created for home entertainment and business, FullVideo products are
currently available at BrandsMart, Fry's Electronics, and Lechmere which
also offer Digital's PC retail printers. Digital is supporting its
FullVideo line with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, and
expanding its retail distribution to other leading retailers.

"The introduction of FullVideo products expands Digital's retail line into
the fast-growing multimedia segment," said Patrick Sullivan, vice president
of Digital's Components and Peripherals Merchandising Business. "Together
with our current retail printer line, we now have the products PC users want
in over 1300 locations." The FullVideo line is intended for home use, enabling
access to educational and reference materials like World Atlas, interactive
games like Return to Zork and MegaRace, entertainment movies including Top Gun,
and music videos for all ages. By using interactive MPEG playback, FullVideo
products will bring the home PC to a new level.

In addition to home use, FullVideo products are ideal for schools, enabling
students to learn interactively by using encyclopedias and other reference
materials with full screen video. There is also a wide variety of commercial applications such as interactive corporate training, video information kiosks, video demonstrations, and CD catalogs.

At the heart of FullVideo is RealMagic technology developed by Sigma Designs.
RealMagic is based on a patented chip set used for MPEG decompression. Hundreds
of leading software developers like Mindscape, formerly The Software Toolworks
and Activision are now using the RealMagic standard to add to the thousands of
titles already available. MPEG source material is recorded at 30 frames per
second and 16-bit stereo sound, then compressed at up to 200:1. Based on the MPEG
standard for video and audio compression, RealMagic enables playback of up to 74
minutes of full-screen, full-motion, TV-like video and 16-bit stereo audio from a
single CD-ROM. about 650 MBytes of data.
"Digital is the first of many major computer manufacturers to announce a line of products based on our RealMagic interactive MPEG technology," said Greg Jones, vice president of marketing for Sigma Designs. "Digital's
entry into the MPEG market solidifies RealMagic as the standard for interactive MPEG playback."

Easily installed on any 386/SX-25 or faster PC with 2 MBytes of free RAM
and 2 MBytes available on a hard disk, Digital's FullVideo doesn't require
a high-performance PC to take advantage of the wide assortment of currently
available MPEG interactive game titles and thousands of full-length feature
films and music videos.

"PC users want interactive multimedia products with TV-like full-screen
video and high fidelity sound. Until now, users had to compromise video
quality. Digital's FullVideo products satisfies their need for high quality
video," said Larry Cabrinety, Vice President of Digital's Components and
Peripherals Business Unit. "FullVideo technology is based on the MPEG standard
for video and audio compression, the only way to get interactive TV-like video quality on your PC. Other so-called 'full-screen' solutions simply don't provide the same quality or ability to interact."

The MPEG standard used by FullVideo products feature a 20 times compression improvement, 4 times the video data and twice as many sound bits compared with AVI, the common full-motion technical format used supported
by Creative Labs, MediaVision and VideoLogic. MPEG source material is recorded
at 30 frames per second and 16-bit stereo sound, then compressed 200:1, compared with up to 15 frames per second and 8-bit sound with compression
of 10:1 with the AVI format. This results in only 10 minutes of video on a
single CD with the AVI format compared with 74 minutes with MPEG, enabling
MPEG users to see full-length feature films with TV-like quality.

By definition of the respective standards, products offering enhanced AVI playback simply cannot match MPEG quality. Since there is no AVI source material recorded at 30 frames per second and 16-bit stereo sound, AVI enhancers offering features beyond 15 frames per second and 8-bit sound have created technology with no titles for customers to use. MPEG, with its support by the consumer electronics industry, offers thousands of titles for Karoke, CD, movies and music videos. FullVideo MPEG supports interactive applications and randomly direct access to individual tracks.

The FullVideo family of products is available now and includes FullVideo Elite, a MPEG video decompression playback card plus 13 titles for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $349; and the FullVideo Interactive MPEG Playback System, a complete multimedia upgrade solution for a PC including a single board providing MPEG decompression, 16-bit stereo sound and CD-ROM controller, internal double-speed CD-ROM drive,
stereo speakers and 15 top titles, for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $749.
Digital's FullVideo family is currently available from BrandsMart, Fry's Electronics, Lechmere, and other leading retailers. Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open client/server solutions from personal computing to integrated worldwide information systems. Digital's scalable Alpha platforms, storage, networking, software and services, together with industry-focused solutions from business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.
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