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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-10 E-Books Set Collection by Jeff Kinney (E-Books)

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-10 E-Books Set Collection by Jeff Kinney (E-Books)
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-10 eBooks Set Collection [E-Books]

by Jeff Kinney (Author)

  • E-Book Format: EPUB, or KINDLE/MOBI, or PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3200331909
  • ISBN-13: 978-3200331907
  • Total Files Size: 120MB [EPUB], 134MB [KINDLE/MOBI], 163MB [PDF]

This purchase includes the following 1-10 eBooks:

  • eBook 1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, April 2007
  • eBook 2: Rodrick Rules, February 2008
  • eBook 3: The Last Straw, January 2009
  • eBook 4: Dog Days, October 2009
  • eBook 5: The Ugly Truth, November 2010
  • eBook 6: Cabin Fever, November 2011
  • eBook 7: The Third Wheel, November 2012
  • eBook 8: Hard Luck, November 2013
  • eBook 9: The Long Haul, November 2014
  • eBook 10: Old School, November 2015

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Description about these eBooks:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, eBook 1

Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into a new year and a new school where undersize weaklings share the corridors with kids who are taller, meaner and already shaving. Desperate to prove his new found maturity, which only going up a grade can bring, Greg is happy to have his not-quite-so-cool sidekick, Rowley, along for the ride. But when Rowley's star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend's popularity to his own advantage. Recorded in his diary with comic pictures and his very own words, this test of Greg and Rowley's friendship unfolds with hilarious results.

Rodrick Rules, eBook 2

Whatever you do, don't ask Greg about his summer vacation because he definitely doesn't want to talk about it ...It's a brand-new year and a brand-new journal and Greg is keen to put the humiliating (and secret!) events of last summer firmly behind him. But someone knows everything - someone whose job it is to most definitely not keep anything embarrassing of Greg's private - his big brother, Rodrick. How can Greg make it through this new school year with his not-quite-cool reputation intact?

The Last Straw, eBook 3

Greg's dad, Frank, is on a mission - a mission to make this wimpy kid ...well, less wimpy. All manner of 'manly' physical activities are planned, but Greg just about manages to find a way out of them. That is until military academy is is mentioned and Greg realizes that he's going to have to come up with something very special to get out of this one ...

Dog Days, eBook 4

The way I like to spend my summer holidays is in front of the TV, playing video games with the curtains closed and the light turned off. Unfortunately, Mom's idea of the perfect summer holiday is different from mine. Greg's mom has a vision of "family togetherness" that really doesn't sound a whole lot of fun. But there's a brand-new addition to the Heffley family to contend with and it looks like Greg might be outnumbered. It could be a real dog of a summer ...

The Ugly Truth, eBook 5

Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But is getting older really all it's cracked up to be? Suddenly Greg is dealing with the pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come with getting older. And after a fight with his best friend Rowley, it looks like Greg is going to have to face the "ugly truth" all by himself ...

Cabin Fever, eBook 6

Greg Heffley is in big trouble. School property has been damaged and Greg is the prime suspect. But the crazy thing is, he's innocent! Or at least sort of. The authorities are closing in, but then a surprise blizzard hits and the Heffley family is trapped indoors. Greg knows that when the snow melts he is going to have to face the music but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with your family?

The Third Wheel, eBook 7

Greg Heffley is not willing to be the odd man out. A dance at Greg's middle school has everyone scrambling to find a partner, and Greg is determined not to be left by the wayside. So he concocts a desperate plan to find someone anyone! to go with on the big night. But Greg's schemes go hilariously awry, and his only option is to attend the dance with his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, and a female classmate as a "group of friends." But the night is long, and anything can happen along the way. Who will arrive at the dance triumphantly, and who will end up being the third wheel?

Hard Luck, eBook 8

Greg Heffley's on a losing streak. His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has abandoned him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task. To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance. Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg's life destined to be just another hard luck story?

The Long Haul, eBook 9

A family road trip is supposed to be a lot of fun . . . unless, of course, you're the Heffleys. The journey starts off full of promise, then quickly takes several wrong turns. Gas station bathrooms, crazed seagulls, a fender bender, and a runaway pig--not exactly Greg Heffley's idea of a good time. But even the worst road trip can turn into an adventure--and this is one the Heffleys won't soon forget.

Old School, eBook 10

Life was better in the old days. Or was it?

That’s the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world.

With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kid like Greg?

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