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200+ eBooks Outdoor Wilderness Survival eBook Gear Shelter Traps Tool

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200+ eBooks Outdoor Wilderness Survival eBook Gear Shelter Traps Tool
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Wilderness Survival 200+ eBooks
Outdoor Survival
Manuals Include:

- Shelters both in hot and cold climates
- Tools: how to make your own
- Snares and techniques: gather food with these skills
- Emergency fire starting: no matches, no problem
- Camouflage: how to blend in the wilderness
- Food and Water preparation, full color photos of poisonous plants
- Natural medicine
- Much much more...
Basic Cold Weather Survival
How to Build A Survival Kit for Cold Climate
How to Build A Survival Kit for Hot Climate
How to Build A Survival Kit for Overwater
Checklist for Cold Climate
Checklist for Hot Climate
Checklist for Overwater
This CD contains TONS of Information!

Chapter 1 Introduction

Survival Actions
Pattern for Survival

Chapter 2 Psychology of Survival

A Look at Stress
Natural Reactions
Preparing Yourself

Chapter 3 Survival Planning and Survival Kits

Importance of Planning
Survival Kits

Chapter 4 Basic Survival Medicine

Requirements for Maintenance of Health
Medical Emergencies
Lifesaving Steps
Bone and Joint Injury
Bites and Stings
Environmental Injuries
Herbal Medicines

Chapter 5 Shelters

Shelter Site Selection
Types of Shelters

Chapter 6 Water Procurement

Water Sources
Still Construction
Water Purification
Water Filtration Devices

Chapter 7 Firecraft

Basic Fire Principles
Site Selection and Preparation
Fire Material Selection
How to Build a Fire
How to Light a Fire

Chapter 8 Food Procurement

Animals for Food
Traps and Snares
Killing Devices
Fishing Devices
Preparation of Fish and Game for Cooking and Storage

Chapter 9 Survival Use of Plants

Edibility of Plants
Plants for Medicine

Chapter 10 Poisonous Plants

How Plants Poison
All About Plants
Rules for Avoiding Poisonous Plants
Contact Dermatitis
Ingestion Poisoning

Chapter 11 Dangerous Animals

Insects and Arachnids
Poisonous Snakes
Dangerous Lizards
Dangers in Rivers
Dangers in Bays and Estuaries
Saltwater Dangers

Chapter 12 Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment

Edged Weapons
Other Expedient Weapons
Lashing and Cordage
Rucksack Construction
Clothing and Insulation
Cooking and Eating Utensils

Chapter 13 Desert Survival

Environmental Factors
Need for Water
Heat Casualties
Desert Hazards

Chapter 14 Tropical Survival

Tropical Weather
Jungle Types
Travel Through Jungle Areas
Immediate Considerations
Water Procurement
Poisonous Plants

Chapter 15 Cold Weather Survival

Cold Regions and Locations
Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival
Medical Aspects
Cold Injuries
Weather Signs

Chapter 16 Sea Survival

The Open Sea

Chapter 17 Expedient Water Crossings

Rivers and Streams
Flotation Devices
Other Water Obstacles
Vegetation Obstacles

Chapter 18 Field-Expedient Direction Finding

Using the Sun and Shadows
Using the Moon
Using the Stars
Making Improvised Compasses
Other Means of Determining Direction

Chapter 19 Signaling Techniques

Means for Signaling
Codes and Signals
Aircraft Vectoring Procedures

Chapter 20 Survival Movement in Hostile Areas

Phases of Planning
Return to Friendly Control

Chapter 21 Camouflage

Personal Camouflage
Methods of Stalking

Chapter 22 Contact With People

Contact With Local People
The Survivor's Behavior
Changes to Political Allegiance

Chapter 23 Survival in Man-Made Hazards

The Nuclear Environment
Biological Environments
Chemical Environments
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