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** Fire Ant Trap Killer Kit FireAnt Green ReUsable NEW **

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** Fire Ant Trap Killer Kit FireAnt Green ReUsable NEW **
Condition: New
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*** Fire Ant Trap Killer Kit FireAnt Green ReUsable NEW ***

For Sale ... a Brand New, Factory Fresh ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY FIRE ANT TRAP / KILLER KIT. This Patented Fire Ant Trap / Killer Kit is Specially Designed to Kill Fire Ants and Their Source ... The QUEEN(s). This is the COMPLETE GREEN KIT.


The Fire Ant Trap / Killer Kit (or Poison Protector) is not really a 'Trap' at all (because there will be no dead fire ants for you to dispose of). It is a Re-Usable, Environmentally Safe, device that Targets and helps Kill Fire Ants by allowing, readily-available FireAnt Poisons to be concentrated in The Fire Ant Mound so that the Entire Colony is Killed ... especially the Queen(s). The Poison Protector was so named because it:
1. Protects the Poison from being Broken Down, Scattered, or Dissolved by the Elements (Wind, Sunlight, Rain, etc.)
2. It Protects Harmless Pets and other Animals by NOT Allowing them Access to the Poisons being used.

Please refer to the picture of the kit provided.

The Dome is gently placed over the Fire Ant Mound (so as not to disturb the ants inside the mound). The Dome is then Secured by the 3 Stakes that are included. The Diffuser (included) is placed into a Specially-Designed Portal on the top of the Dome. The Diffuser penetrates deeply into the Fire Ant Mound and is secured in place via a screw-type mechanism. The Killer is now right where the Fire Ants live! Your choice of Poison is then placed into the Diffuser, aided by the included Funnel. The Diffuser is then sealed using the included Cap. That is all there is to it. Simple. The Poison, you are using, is Isolated, and Concentrated where it needs to be. The Fire Ants then do the rest of the work.

Once in place, Worker Fire Ants enter the Diffuser and gather and process the Poison, which, to them, is Food. This 'Food' is then distributed to, and eaten by, ALL members of the Colony, including the Queen(s). ... And the Colony DIES.

If the Colony is Large, one application of Poison may not be enough. There is just not enough 'Food' to go around.
No problem. Simply Un-Cap the Diffuser, Add more Poison, Re-Cap the Diffuser, Walk Away, and let the Fire Ant Trap / Killer do its job once more.

- Fire Ants Are Social Insects that Typically Nest in Soil. Some fire ants reside in trees (but we are not targeting those ants here).
- Fire Ant Colonies can Contain up to 500,000 Ants. Usually a Colony has Only 1 Queen, however, Large Colonies can have Multiple Queens.
- Fire ant Colonies can Grow Quickly, Once they get Started.
- A Singe Queen can Lay up to 1,600 Eggs per Day. That is Almost 6 MILLION Eggs per Year.
- A Queen can Live for 7 Years. That means that she can Lay up to 40 MILLION Eggs in her Lifetime. Scary, huh?
- The Poor Worker Fire Ant only Lives About 5 or 6 Weeks. Talk about unfair.
- To Kill a Colony, You Must Kill The Queen(s).
- Fire Ants Create New Colonies by Swarming. Winged Reproductive Male and Female Ants Exit the Mound and Mate.
Newly Mated Fire Ant Queens fall back to the Ground and Start a New Colony. This New Colony can be a Few Hundred Yards Away to a Few Miles Away from the Original Colony.
- Fire Ant Colonies Build Dome-Shaped Soil 'Mounds', up to 1.5 Feet High and 2 Feet in Diameter. It takes Several Months for a Colony to get Large Enough to Build a Mound Large Enough to be Noticed on the Average Home Lawn.
For Every Large Mound on a Lawn, there are Usually Many Younger Colonies that are still Too Small to Produce Visible Mounds ... but They are Still There, so be Cautious.
A Mature Mound will Make about 20 New Mounds a Year.
- Fire Ants Like Moist Soil, in Sunny Areas, and Like Areas that Warm Up (Concrete, Sidewalks, etc.). Fire Ants are Most Active during the Sunniest, Hottest Parts of the Day.
- Fire Ants Damage Electrical boxes, Air Conditioning Units, Traffic Lights, Transformers, etc.
- The Cost (in real losses and pest control): US$ 6,000,000,000 (that is $6 Billion)
- Fire Ants Move Fast and Cover a lot of Ground. They can Travel 6' in 10 Seconds.
- Fire Ants are Stinging Insects and are Dangerous.
They belong to the same order as Bees and Wasps and are Known to Attack Without Warning, Stinging their Victims Repeatedly. Each Ant can Sting 7 to 8 times. The Venom of the Fire Ant is Unique. It contains Very High Concentrations of Poisons.
How Fire Ants Attack: Fire Ants First Bite their Victims with their Mandibles (jaws), and Hold On. This causes a Red Welt on Most Humans. If left untreated, these Bites turn into Painful White Pustules and Can Lead to Scarring.
After Biting its Victim, the Fire Ant Stings its Victim, with its Stinger, located on its Abdomen (much like a bee's or wasp's stinger).
The Stinger Injects the Victim with a Toxic Alkaloid Venom.
Fire Ant Stings are Painful to Most Humans and can be Fatal to Some Humans (with allergies) and Many Small Animals.
A Number of Human Deaths have been attributed to Fire Ant Stings.
Warning:If a Fire Ant Bite / Sting Victim Experiences Sweating, Nausea or Excessive Itching, Emergency Medical Services should be Contacted Immediately. The Poison Control Center's Emergency Phone Number is: 800-222-1222.
Over 25,000 People Seek Medical Attention, each Year, for Fire Ant Bites and Stings.
-Fire Ants Come in Different Colors. The Most Common Colors are Red and Black.

- Manufacturer: The Fire Ant Control Team
- Item: The Fire Ant Trap / Killer
- Condition: Brand New. Factory Fresh.
- Color: Dark Green (or Orange, if requested before shipping)
- Environmentally Safe (Green). Keeps Poisons from being consumed by pets and other non-targeted animals.
Can be used near water with minimal risk of pesticide runoff which could endanger fish and wildlife.
- Economical: Can be Used Again and Again.
- More Economical: You can Use Less Poison because there is Less Breakdown of the Poison Used.
- Potent: Provides Concentrated Killing Power where it is Needed ... Directly INSIDE the Fire Ant Mound.
- Secure: 3 Stakes (included) Keep the Dome Securely in Place, Over the Mound.
- Effective: Makes the Most of Your Poison by Helping Prevent it from Breaking Down or being Blown Away by the Elements (Sun, Wind, Rain, etc.).
- Versatile: Kills (with Extreme Prejudice) ...
- Red Fire Ants
- Black Fire Ants
- Other Mound-Building Insects
- Durable: Made of High Quality Plastics
- Easy to Clean. Just Use Soap and Water or a High-Powered Garden Hose.
- The CAP, over the Diffuser, Protects Your Poison from Premature Degeneration.
- Protects Pets, Livestock, Foul (Chickens, etc.), and Birds from Accidentally Eating the Poison (and dying).
- Provides More of an Opportunity to Kill the Queen(s), thus Destroying the Entire Fire Ant Colony.
- Some Assembly Required
- Helps Prevent Nuptial Flights, thus Preventing the Spread of the Ants
- Easy to Use. Just put it in Place, Add the Poison (not included), and Leave It Alone.
- Note: Depending upon the size of the mound, multiple applications of poison may be required.
- Dark Green Color Blends in, nicely with Lawns or Fields. Does not detract from your Property's Beauty.
- Bright Orange Color Domes are Available, if you need to make the Dome Stand Out (for safety).
- Unique, Proven, Patented Design
- Can be Used with a Variety of Dry, Granulated Fire Ant Poisons / Baits, such as Amdro, etc.
- Dome Fits Over FireAnt Mound
- Dome Dimensions: 13" in Diameter and 11" High
- Perfect for Placement on Lawns, in Fields, around Pets, around Livestock, around Poultry, etc.
- This is a Stand-Alone Device. It requires NO Batteries.
- Contact Us for Volume Pricing

- 1 (One) Complete, Brand New, Fire Ant Trap / Killer Kit (in your choice of Green (the default) or Orange) including ...
- Trap / Killer Dome / Body
- Poison Diffuser
- Diffuser Cap
- 3 (Three) Securing Stakes
- Funnel (color may vary)
- Printed Instructions

The Fire Ant Trap / Killer ... An Environmentally Safe Way to get Rid of Your Unwanted, Dangerous Pests. You Know the Problem ... We Have the Solution.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.

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Ships From27106, North Carolina, United States
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