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About Me - DonZurly

My name is Don Zurly. I am just a guy who sells things. All sorts of things, anything I find that I think I can make a small profit on. I do mean small. I sell from my own website, I sell on ebay, I sell on Amazon, and I sell here.
Everywhere I sell, I try (and 98% of the time I succeed) to have the lowest prices on the web. That is a tall order. I do not have the great sources that some do, I do not have the buying power to purchase in huge, discounted quantities. What I do have, is low overhead, a keen eye for a bargain, and a willingness to pass savings on to my customers. That is how I am able to undercut virtually everyone in the world, on the new products that I sell.
Used items, are another story. Most of the time my used items, are personal items that I bought at full price new, so like everyone who buys new and sells used, I usually take a loss. On those items, I usually let the market decide the price - usually eBay, but like many, I am disillusioned by how much of my profit eBay wants to keep. Most of the time, it is about 12%, after all the fees for listing and final value, Paypal etc. are included. So I have decided that a service like Webstore, is worth supporting. Items that I sell on ebay, I will generally sell for less here, again passing on the savings. I hope you like webstore and spread the word, and support the advertisers here that help make the service possible. After all, it is about time that eBay had some real competition.
Happy shopping, I hope you can find something you like at a fair price today, good luck!

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The Webstore Stamps (Postage Stamps) category is the premier place to find great deals on United States, Europe, Asia and Commonwealth / British Colonial online auctions on the web.

The Collectibles category has lots of great finds on Postcards (Deltiology), Trading Cards & Stickers, Paper and Comics products. In the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category there are many Cards & Stickers, Autographs, Memorabilia and Fan Apparel & Souvenirs items to choose from. The Music category has lots of great finds on Records, CDs, 8 Track Tapes and Cassette Tapes items. And don't forget the Coins, Paper Money, Bullion category where you'll find US Coins, World Coins, Canadian Coins and Bullion merchandise as well.

You never know what you'll find at Webstore Free Online Auctions!

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