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"Hello and Welcome to my store!"
I sell Jeunique bras and Shapewear. The reason my prices are so low is... I buy my inventory from inactive Jeunique distributors, then pass that savings on to You!
As I receive items I will add misc. merchandise such as handbags, collectibles, books, jewelry GOWNS and more.

1. Start with a measuring tape, MEASURE WITH A BRA ON!
2. Bring the tape around your back and bring up UNDER YOUR ARMPITS
3. Bring the tape around front JUST ABOVE YOUR BUST and pull snug across your chest. This is your BAND size (ex: 32, 34, 36 etc.)
4. Then, slide the tape down over THE FULLEST PART OF YOUR BUST (write this number down)
5. SUBTRACT this number from your BAND size and the difference is going to determine your CUP size.
1 = A
2 = B
2-2.5 = C
3-4 = D
4 = DD
5 = E
6 = EE
6-6.5 = F
6.5-6.75 = FF
6.75-7 = G
7-7.25 = GG
7.25-7.50 = H
7.50-7.75 = HH
7.75-8 = I
8-8.50 = II
8.50-9 = J
9=9.50 = JJ
9.5-10 = K
10-10.5 = KK
10 = HH-J
11 = I-K
12 = II-L
13 = J-M
14 = JJ-N
15 = K-N

I am an independent seller of Tip Top Kids clothing and accessories. My listings do not represent the company of TipTopKids in any way. My listings reflect my own inventory. However, TipTopKids has a SAME DAY shipping policy so if you would like to order an item not available in my inventory, I would be happy to place an order FOR you!

I am also an independent distributor of Jeunique custom-fit bras. For this reason I have a strict NO REFUND policy. However,...I will work with you through messaging, direct phone calls (I include my card with each purchase), exchanges of sizes, styles, colors etc. until we have the perfect custom-fit bra for you.

If I decide that I cannot fit you with the items available in my inventory...I will OFFER you a refund or another item in my store.

If you have an ebay store or a webstore I do not have a problem with you listing your purchased item for resell. Please be advised that you MAY NOT use my photos, my description or anything else in my listing.


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