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The Alien Question UFO EBE Extraterrestrial 3 DVDs -  Shipping Outside US Only
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The Alien Question UFO EBE Extraterrestrial 3 DVDs - Shipping Outside US Only

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The Alien Question UFO EBE Extraterrestrial 3 DVDs -  Shipping Outside US Only
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The Alien Question

~ A Wonderful Collectors Documentary DVD Set For All The Future Of The Ages ~

Autographed By The Edit Producer: R.W.Darrell

Alien Question 683422425462 (5)

The Alien Question PROJECT DVD SET Was Edited In 2005.

Later, A Repair Re-Edit Began When Original Files Had Been Lost Or Damaged.

Beginning In 2014, This UFO Documentary (cult-umentary) Is Now Available On Disc DVD

...To Be Treasured & Preserved...

By Those Who Know How To Appreciate The Underground Accomplishments Of All UFO Societies.

* * *

The Alien Question Edited & Audio Mixed By Edit-Producer R.W.Darrell, Is An Historical Educational UFO-Cult DVD Documentary,

Includes Public Domain Contributions, Commentaries & Fair Use Doctrine Material Inserts:

(Such As The 1989 Vintage Narrative/Monologue By M.W. Cooper; NASA Images; US Presidents; Brezezinski; Rockefeller; Kissinger; ETC.)


Not For BlueRay Players
An Awesome Set Of 3 DVDs w/ Protective Casing

"The Alien Question" Is A Story That Begins Shortly After The Heated Conclusion Of World War II.

Never Has This Story Been Told So Well Than By A Most Highly Educated And Intellectually Brilliant Man Who Many People Have Found To Greatly Admire. A Man Who, Despite Being A Military Hero, Had Endured Great Humility Subjected To Him By His Enemies Who Had Falsely Accused Him Of Being An Alcoholic, A Liar, A Fascist --- And Even A Psychopathic Sociopath! Enemies Will Accuse Him Of Anything To Discredit Him In The Public Eye! --- His Enemies Are Those Who Have Repeatedly Tried To Have Him Assassinated!

Then Finally, In November 5th Of 2001, He Had Been Murdered By Order Of The Highest Levels Of Government. This Highly Intelligent, Knowledgeable And Educated Man Was Milton William Cooper.

In July 2, 1989, An Underground Black & White Recording Captured Mr. Cooper At His Very Best In Presentation During The MUFON Symposium Event (MUFON: Mutual UFO Network) In Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Underground Black & White Monologue Recording Is 1.5 Hours Long And Is Referred To As “The Alien Brief”

Also In Attendance At The 1989 MUFON Symposium Was Structural Engineer, The Legendary Phil Schneider, Who Leaked The Information Regarding Deep Underground Military Bases --- And Cities! (It Is Not Certain If Mr. Schneider Spoke At This Conference --- But He Did Absolutely Attend The Conference)

"The Alien Question" Is 2.5 Hours Long, And Is A Coloury Extended Revision Of The “The Alien Brief” With Amazing Photos & Videos Of Strange Never-Before-Seen Lunar Activity!

"The Alien Question" Is Produced & Edited By Robert William Darrell As A Work Of Preservation Despite The Classical Visual Faults.

This Work Is, Without A Doubt, A Very Special Keepsake DVD Set, And Collectors Item, For All Adults To Enjoy To View.


Start The Popcorn, Relax, And Watch With Wonder, As You Will Eventually Notice Never-Before-Seen Images Of Our Anomalous Moon & Thereabouts!

Are There Really Alien Crafts? Clouds? Lakes? Tall Silos? Glass Domes? And Mysterious Tracks Along The Moons Mysterious Lunar Surface?...

...The Photos & Videos Contained Within Seem To Indicate As Such.

You Are Welcome To Be The Astounded Judge!



Human & Cattle Mutilations

Project Blue Book

NASA Footage Filtered Revealing Anomalous Alien Lunar Structures

Majestic 12 / Majority 12

Brief Look At 1952 Washington DC UFO Incident

US Secretary Of Defense James Forestall Murdered By Agents Of The CIA

Faraday Shields Explained

EBE – (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) Is Captured

EBE Interviewed

EBE's Death


Dwight David Eisenhower Wrestles With The Alien Problem

Eisenhower's Farewell Address – Warns Of The Military Industrial Complex


A Look At Betelgeuse

Eisenhower/Alien Treaty At Edwards Air Force Base


Project Red Light

Astro-Car For Saucer Debunk Campaign

Alternative II

Phil Schneider – 1995 Preparedness Expo On Deep Underground Military Bases (Excerpt)

Secret Funds

Nelson Rockefeller More Powerful Than The US Presidents

The Wise Men

Zbigniew Brezezinski Commentary

The Alien Question

Human/Cattle Abductions/Mutilations Alien Initiative

The Chapter Of CHRONICA: Study Group Formed To Resolve The Alien Question


Anomalous Mysteries On Lunar Surface

Henry Kissinger

Alien Genetic Experiments

Deadly Microbes (AIDS / Ebola Virus) Developed To Reduce The Earths Growing Population

Projects Joshua & Excalibur

CIA Opium Drug Trade

Colonies Already On The Moon & Mars

Secret Service Involvement In The Kennedy Assassination

Officials Are Murdered To Keep The Alien Secret Quiet

“Operating Alien Craft” Discovered By Robert Darrell Via Filtering NASA Film

Lunar “Alien Wall & Castle” Discovered By Robert Darrell Via Filtering NASA Film

Numerous Other Lunar Anomalous Findings By Robert Darrell Via Filtering Techniques

Alien Confrontation


Alien Question 683422425462 1 denoised

Autographed By The Edit Producer

SKU / UPC: 683422425462

Capture2 Copy

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