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Stenner Injection Pump 85MHP17

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Stenner Injection Pump 85MHP17
Condition: New
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afwfilters (0)
Registered since Jun 2012
in United States
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Online Auction Description

Product Features

Stenner 85MHP17

Adjustable Stenner 85MHP17 chemical injection pump


Self-priming up to 25 feet and will not vapor lock or lose prime

Versatile Design

Versatile pump design includes snap-fit components


Comes with 110V power supply, but 220V can be selected in the "Options" tab

Tank & Installation Kit

Includes installation kit and 15 gallon chemical injection tank


WQA tested to ANSI/NSF standard 60 and ETL tested to ANSI/NSF standard 50.

Warranty & Guarantee

1 Year manufacturer's warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Product Description

Stenner Model 85MHP17 Pump - Widely used for chlorine or soda ash injection and ideal for just about any chemical injection application, the peristaltic design of the Stenner pumps eliminates the hassle of priming. The 85MHP17 model is advertised here and is the most commonly used model, however, other the other 45MHP & 85MHP models shown below are available for the same cost if different output ranges are desired.

Adjustable Rate - An external dial ring allows for easy adjustment of the final output. 42 marked positions control the output, providing as little as 5% all the way up to 100% of maximum output. Add that to an incredible accuracy of +/- 2% finding just the right setting has never been easier!

Self-priming up to 25 ft. - Stenner pumps utilize a 3-point roller assembly to "squeeze" the chemical through the pump tube. At any given time 2 points of the roller are in contact with the tube, creating a 2 point seal. This 3-point roller design allows the Stenner pumps to prime themselves up to 25 ft. In addition, the seal created prevents back flow and siphoning that are a common problem with diaphragm pumps. Say goodbye to vapor lock and the hassle of manual priming with a new Stenner injection pump!

Snap-fit Components - The Stenner Pump consists of 3 main components - the motor, the feed rate control, and the pump head. All three components lock together with a simple twist, making maintenance a simple, tool-free task. By using interchangeable parts, changing out components is as easy as twist and change!

Versatile Pump Tube Design - Stenner pumps use an FDA approved pump tube made of Santoprene® to deliver the chemicals. This allows for use with a variety of chemicals and separates the rest of the pump components from the often damaging effects of the chemicals, extending pump life. In addition, the tube design makes changing easy and interchangeable tube sizes allow for easy modification of pump output capabilities.

More Info

Chemical Compatibility Chart
Acetic Acid, 20% A B Acetic Acid, 30% B C Acetic Acid, Glacial C C Legend

Tube Material:
S = Santoprene®
T = Tygothane®

Chemical Effects:
A = minor to no effect
B = minor to moderate effects
C = severe effects
* = no data available
Acetic Anhydride B C Acetone B C Alcohol B C
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons B B Aluminum Chloride A A Aluminum Sulfate A A
Alums A A Ammonium Acetate B B Ammonium Carbonate A A
Ammonium Chloride A B Ammonium Hydroxide A B Ammonium Nitrate A A
Ammonium Phosphate A A Ammonium Sulfate A A Amyl Acetate A C
Amyl Alcohol B B Aniline B C Antimony Salts A A
Arsenic Salts A A Barium Hydroxide A A Barium Salts A *
Beer A A Benzene C C Benzoic Acid A C
Benzyl Alcohol B C Bleach, 5.25% A A Boric Acid A A
Bromine A B Butanol B * Butyl Acetate A C
Butyric Acid A C Calcium Chloride A A Calcium Hydroxide A C
Calcium Hypochlorite, 5% A B Calcium Salts A A Carbon Disulfide C C
Carbon Tetrachloride C C Castor Oil B A Chlorine - see Sodium Hypochlorite * *
Chloroacetic Acid A C Chlorobenzene C C Chloroform C C
Chlorosulfonic Acid B C Chromic Acid B C Chromium Salts A *
Citric Acid B B Copper Chloride A A Copper Sulfate A A
Cottonseed Oil B A Cyclohexane C B Diethylaminoethanol B B
Ethyl Acetate A C Ethyl Alcohol B C Ethyl Chloride C C
Ethylene Dichloride C C Ethylene Glycol A A Ethylene Oxide B A
Eucalyptus Oil C B Fatty Acids C B Ferric Chloride A A
Ferric Sulfate A A Ferrous Chloride A A Ferrous Sulfate A A
Fluoboric Acid A C Fluosilicic Acid A A Formaldehyde, A B
Formic Acid A C Glucose A A Glue A A
Glycerin A A Hexane C B Hydrazine A C
Hydrochloric Acid, 20% A C Hydrochloric Acid, 37% A C Hydrocyanic Acid A B
Hydrofluoric Acid A C Hydrofluoric Acid,48-75% A C Hydrofluoric Acid, anhydrous B C
Hydrogen Peroxide A B Hydrogen Sulfide A A Iodine A A
Isopropyl Alcohol B C Lacquer Solvents C C Lactic Acid A B
Lead Acetate B A Linseed Oil B A Limenone C B
Lubricating Oils C A Magnesium Chloride A A Magnesium Hydroxide A A
Magnesium Sulfate A A Malic Acid A B Manganese Salts A A
Mercuric Chloride A A Methyl Alcohol A C Methylethylketone C C
Methylene Chloride C C Mineral Oil B A Mineral Spirits C A
Muriatic Acid
20 degrees Baume
A C Naphtha C B Nitric Acid, A C
Nitric Acid, 10-30% B C Nitric Acid, 30-60% C C Nitric Acid, 70% C C
Nitric Acid, red fuming C C Nitrobenzene B C Nitrous Acid A B
Oleic Acid A B Oleum, 20-25% C C Oxalic Acid A C
Palmitic Acid A B Perchloroethylene C C Petroleum Distillates C B
Phenol B C Phosphoric Acid A C Phtalic Acid A C
Pickling Solutions A C Plating Solutions A C Polyphosphate A A
Potassium Carbonate A A Potassium Chlorate A A Potassium Hydroxide A A
Potassium Dichromate A A Potassium Iodide A A Potassium Permanganate A A
Pyridine A C Sea water A A Silicone Oil C A
Silver Nitrate A A Soap Solutions A A Sodium A A
Sodium Bisulfate A A Sodium Bisulfite A A Sodium Borate A A
Sodium Carbonate A A Sodium Chlorate A A Sodium Chloride A A
Sodium Dichromate, 20% A * Sodium Hydroxide, A B Sodium Hydroxide 20-46.5% A C
Sodium Hypochlorite, 5% A B Sodium Hypochlorite, 6-15% A B Sodium Nitrate A A
Sodium Silicate A A Sodium Sulfide A A Sodium Sulfite A A
Solvents C B Soybean Oil B A Stannous Chloride, 15% A A
Stearic Acid A B Stoddards Solvent C C Sulfur Dioxide, liquid A C
Sulfur Trioxide B C Sulfuric Acid, B B Sulfuric Acid, > 40% C C
Item Attributes (provided by seller)
Brand:Abundant Flow Water
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Shipping Terms Seller pays for shipping expenses
Seller ships to United States address only.
Please no International buyers.
Ships From67660, Kansas, United States
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