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Dura Soft-Proliner, Professional Formulated Denture Reline Kit

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Dura Soft-Proliner, Professional Formulated Denture Reline Kit
Condition: New
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DuraSoftProLiner (1) Verified Seller
Registered since Mar 2016
in United States
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Loose Dentures?

Dura Soft-ProLiner, LLC.
"The Professional Formulated Denture Reline Kit"

Attention Denture Wearers!
A new scientific breakthrough in dentistry has found a long lasting temporary cure for loose and irritating dentures with an amazing NEW do-it-yourself dental material called DURA SOFT-PRO. You no longer have to pay $175 - $225 to have your dentures relined by a dentist. Now, with DURA SOFT-PRO, you can reline your own denture professionally at home for $19.95, with the same material that you would receive from your dentist. This is the ONLY material of its kind that's sold to the public, and it makes store bought denture material obsolete. DURA SOFT-PRO is a specially formulated powder and liquid, that when mixed and applied to a denture, and placed into the mouth, forms a perfect, true-fitting reline that lasts up to 2 years! It forms to your gums as they are now, not as they were when you received your denture. DURA SOFT-PRO is specially formulated to stay soft but firm, and to save your gums from the wear and tear of hard plastic dentures, and to give a long lasting reline that feels GREAT!



: Hard plastic dentures wear down gums, causing the dentures to become loose, which causes soft gum tissue to become irritated and sore. When this occurs, your dentures must be relined. DURA SOFT-PRO'S resilient texture protects gums from denture wear and saves your remaining gums. What happens when your gums are worn out? Think about it! It's bad enough to wear dentures, let alone having them wear your gums down to nothing! Let DURA SOFT-PRO take all the punishment so your gums don't have to! Why feel miserable, insecure, or embarrassed, when you don't have to? DURA SOFT-PRO tightens, cushions, relieves irritation (sore gums), eliminates the need for cheap adhesives, and stops gum shrinkage, saving you time and money!

10 Day Money Back Guarantee!

With DURA SOFT-PRO you will save time and money in two ways. First, you will save by not having to travel to a dentist's office and pay a high dental bill of $175 - $225, for the same material found in DURA SOFT-PRO. Second, you will never have to waste time again traveling to the store and buying denture powders, pastes, cushions, or temporary liners! DURA SOFT-PRO provides long term wear with a custom fit!

is a professional formulated dental product used by dentists, and is not sold in stores. DURA SOFT-PRO will tighten, cushion, relieve irritation of sore gums, eliminate the need for inferior store bought products and stop gum shrinkage with just one application! Where else can you get your denture relined for just $19.95, and save your gums at the same time? NOWHERE!

DURA SOFT-PRO is the "professional formulated corrective reline material!
So if you are truly dissatisfied with your loose and irritating dentures, and tired of your gums shrinking year after year, try DURA SOFT-PRO now and rid yourself of denture misery for good! DURA SOFT-PRO is specially formulated for problem denture wearers.

Facts About "Gum Shrinkage"
Did you ever wonder why, that after wearing your dentures for 1-2 years, they become loose and irritating? It's because of your hard plastic dentures. Your dentures are much harder than your soft gum tissue. After a year or two of use, your soft gum tissue will start to wear down (getting smaller), causing your dentures to become loose and irritating, which will create sore spots on you gums. This is the reason DURA SOFT-PRO was perfected, to STOP gum shrinkage! DURA SOFT'S-PRO resilient texture (bounce back elasticity) stays soft but firm to protect your gums from the wear of your hard plastic dentures. As long and you reline your dentures with DURA SOFT-PRO, your gums will not shrink to any degree. If your gums do not shrink, you will always be able to wear dentures with "Satisfaction"!

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Brand:Dura Soft-ProLiner
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