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1 oz Yucca Extract Saponin Powder  Hydro fertilizer Wet Betty Wetting Agent
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1 oz Yucca Extract Saponin Powder Hydro fertilizer Wet Betty Wetting Agent

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1 oz Yucca Extract Saponin Powder  Hydro fertilizer Wet Betty Wetting Agent
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Welcome to Dealsgalore

ORGANIC Yucca Extract Saponin powder Plant Nutrient Hydro fertilizer.
Yucca Extract Yucca Schidigera Saponin Powder like Wet Betty wetting agent.
For Hydroponic Use:1/8 teaspoon (tsp) per 10 gallons of water.

All of our yucca root, powder batches use the highest quality yucca root, made in small batches for optimal freshness.Yucca root is also used for surfactant purposes.
Product Description;
Yucca Root Powder (Yucca schidigera)
Product form:Dry powder, water soluble
Product designation:Natural:This product is a candidate for organic certification. To ensure the lowest price, Deals Galore has chosen not to register this product.
Primary use:A good wetting and surfactant agent. Also aids plants in the uptake of water and nutrients.
Product highlights:The yucca plant, in its high dry-desert environment, excels in storing and saving water. Product has hormones and stimulants that tell plant to uptake water and nutrients.
Great for Use In:Hydroponics,NFT,Drip,soil and soil-less.
Yucca schidigera Extract Powder is a natural foaming agent ingredient and a mild non-ionic surfactant rich in saponins. This raw material is perfect for replacing synthetic harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate and others.Yucca's (Yucca schidigera) natural antibacterial and antiviral properties have also been utilized in new products.Yucca is also used for increasing the absorption of nutrients.
What are Saponins?

Natural detergents found in a variety of plant species, especially desert plants but also herbs (soapwort, soaproot, soapbark, soapberry). Commercial saponins are mainly extracted from desert plants Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera. Quillaja bark has been used in Chile as shampoo for centuries. Yucca is native to the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of California, Baja California and Southern Nevada and Western Arizona. Because of their surfactant properties, saponins are also used industrially, in mining and ore separation, emulsions for photographic films and cosmetic products like lipstick and shampoo where their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are important in addition to their emollient effects. Their properties are extracted using cold-press methods.Yucca root has high levels of saponin and Native Americans used it for years to make soap and shampoo. Native Americans washed their hair with Yucca to fight dandruff and hair loss. They also used the flowers and fruit for food. The black seeds were dried and ground into flour. Leaf fibers were used to weave cloth, make rope and to make sandals. The soapy characteristics of saponins make them ideal for use as spray adjuvants (they make sprays work better). They also make sprays stick or spread better on leaf surfaces. They also allow nutrients to be absorbed better. Another important thing they do is to distribute water more evenly on hard-to-wet substrates. For these reasons saponins are often used in fertilizers, potting soils and pesticides.
Yucca wetting agents improve the effectiveness:• pesticides• increase nutrient uptake• distribute water more evenly• biodegradeable• organic• renewable

Saponins when mixed with water reduce the surface tension of water, allowing the formation of small stable bubbles. As a consequence of their surface-active properties, saponins are excellent foaming agents (very stable). Saponins come in powdered or liquid form and can be found in fertilizers (amendments) and soilless potting mixes and certain pesticides (insecticides), kitty litter, detergents, beverages, lipsticks, herbal skin balms, and many other things

Benefits of Saponins

Saponins can safely be used:
1.Wetting agent
2.Help with nutrient uptake
3.Help sprays (pesticide) to spread and stick better to plant parts (use less)

6. Promote beneficial microbial activity in the soil
7. Surfactant (reduces surface tension) better penetration

8.Bio-enhancer-added to products to make them work better
9.Manage excess salts (fertilizer build-up) in soil
10.Improve H2O penetration
11.Move spray solution into soil solution
12.Mildew cure (fungus)
13.Miticide (soapy quality suffocates mites)
14.Minimize wash-off (plant leaves)
15.Spray binder
16.Flushing of plants [cleaner than molasses (saponins in blue agave)]
17.Triggers plants defensive response to anaerobic fungi
18.Biochemical inhibitors
19Boosts potency of other products (adjuvant)

To grow true medical grade marijuana, you must have all your components in sync. You must use only organically approved (OMRI) products and the entire environment must be healthy and clean. Nothing toxic. Nothing that will build to toxic levels. All sustainable! After all, you are growing a true medicine.Grown to improve health.
Question & Answer;
I have just heard about Yucca as a wetting agent. I have very alkaline sandy soil and water just pools before absorbing. Could this be used on the soil itself for the garden and also for the lawn? If so, what directions do you suggest for application?
Yes this product works well when directly mixed into the soil,, 1-2 tablespoons per cubic foot of soil is what we would recommend, remember to mix very well. For a soil drench 1/4 teaspoon per gallon every watering is a good start, you may ramp it up to get the effect you desire. For a spray on application we recommend 1-5 grams per gallon depending on the desired effects and soil content. Benefits of use in soil Bio-stimulant properties boost the immune system of the plant. Antimicrobial properties protect the plant from unwanted microbes. Also increases the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients and most of all protects the plant from drought.. This product is extremely safe and organically grown.Q: Hi.. how much per gallon would I want to use with compost tea? You may add Yucca Extract Saponin Powder to your material before composting at the rate of 1-2 tablespoons per cubic foot of compost, this will help culture and increase the microbe population. If you are bubbling your tea, then it is best to use these directions: For hydroponics: Mix 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. with 1-10 gallons of water. Depending on the amount of foam in solution. If too much foam develops, decrease dosage by 1/2. We recommend to start small then add more while still maintaining control of the foam. Even for mold/mildew on plants? Yucca Extract works well to get all kinds of things absorbed into the plant. It also switches the plants natural defense system on. When Yucca Extract high in Saponin is applied you will notice those plants will grow more vigorously and have a higher natural resistance to unfriendly organisms. This Yucca Extract is not considered a fungicide or pesticide.But does have fungicidal properties that will protect plants form mold and mildew on leaves as well as parasitic fungi in the soil.Yucca extract can be used to clean gunk out of most hydro systems and drip lines without endangering plants as this is a Naturally Organic product.
Surfactants facilitate transport and absorption of nutrients so plants grow faster and produce bigger anic Yucca Extract Saponin Powder is the world's best organic non-ionic surfactant. exclusive 100% organic surfactants deliver nutrients, hormones and bio-catalytic agents directly to leaves and roots for immediate use by plants. Organic Yucca Extract Saponin Powder contains natural steroidal-triterpenoid saponins derived from Yucca . Saponins help plants resist stress, manufacture phytohormonces and deliver larger harvest. Yucca extracts deter development of root knot nematodes and other harmful fungi Organic includes aromatic terepenoids that contribute to sweeter taste and anic Yucca extracts is useful on leaves and in the root zone, where it helps roots better absorb moisture and nutrients. Field testing shows Organic Yucca Extract Saponin Powder performed better than any other surfactant. If you're trying to get the BIGGEST HARVEST for every buck you spend on agricultural supplies, Organic Yucca extract Powder is the best way to get more into (and out of) your plants.

Stability;Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP raw material has a shelf life in excess of two years without loss of foaming ability or ingredient integrity
Directions for Use;
When and where to use:During all stages of plant development.
For hydroponics, soil and soil-less:Mix 1/8 tsp. with 10 gallons of water.
For foliar applications,Mix five (5) grams of product with one (1) gallon of water.
Storage:Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.
Packaging;:Enclosed in a sealed ziplock bag in order to compensate for the low prices.

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